Where Should I Put My Pothos?

Pothos is one of the easiest and most durable house plants . Its tolerance for low light makes it an ideal indoor houseplant . So, what is the ideal place to put your pothos?

Where should I put my pothos?

Pothos can ideally be kept at offices, bathrooms, dine-in areas, and other such parts of the room. The small size of the plant adds an aesthetic look to the room and helps uplift the ambiance. Its ability to survive in moderate light makes it ideal for places that don’t have access to bright light for long hours.

So, let us explore the essential conditions in finding the best spot for your pothos.


While pothos is tolerant to low light, it still needs light to carry out the process of photosynthesis and manufacture its own food. So, an absolute absence of bright light for a prolonged duration will kill your plant.

Pothos usually requires at least 10 hours of bright, indirect sunlight every day to grow well. A lack of proper light can also cause problems like stunted growth and etiolation. So, choosing a place with proper lighting is important for the health of your pothos.


The best solution is to place it in a place where it gets plenty of natural light each day. Place it near a south-facing window at least once in a few days to ensure that the light requirements of the plant are met. However, be careful as excess sunlight can also cause permanent sunburns to your plant.

An alternative is to use grow lights which help provide artificial light and facilitate the proper growth of the plant. However, choose the right light for your plant to avoid damage due to excess artificial lighting.


While pothos can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, it thrives best in a range of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. If kept in such temperature levels, the plant is likely to grow up to its full potential.

However, excessive fluctuations in the temperature may lead to severe damage in the form of burns and cause stress in the plants. Thus, a balanced and constant temperature is necessary for the growth of the pothos.


If the temperature falls excessively, remove your pothos from daft places such as open windows and doors. Keep it near a furnace or heater to help maintain the temperature and avoid damage due to frost.

Similarly, avoid leaving your plant near sources of heat such as stoves and burners, especially on summer days as it may lead to severe burns in your pothos.


Due to their tropical origin, pothos likes abundant humidity and grow well in places where the air has a high level of moisture. However, your pothos is also tolerant to low moisture and is likely to survive well in a low level of humidity.


So, to raise the humidity for you is a personal choice. However, if you choose to keep humidity levels higher, try to control the airflow and temperature to avoid risks of fungal and bacterial infections.

Thus, you should keep the following factors in mind while deciding the right place to put your pothos.

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