Why Is My String Of Dolphins Sticky?

The string of dolphins is a succulent plant with plump, soft leaves that are shaped like leaping dolphins. The leaves are green in color and smooth in texture. However, sometimes you may feel the leaves of your favorite succulent turning sticky. While you may be alarmed due to this sudden change, you need to calm … Read more

Why Is My String Of Dolphins Losing Leaves?

The string of dolphins is a dense succulent plant. It is widely sought after for its low-maintenance needs and uniquely shaped leaves that resemble tiny diving dolphins. Generally, the string of dolphins is an evergreen plant and doesn’t shed its leaves too much. So, if you see your plant shedding too many leaves, it essentially … Read more

How To Replant String Of Dolphins?

The string of dolphins is a hardy plant popular as a houseplant due to its unique leaves. Its leaves are shaped like tiny diving dolphins. However, to ensure that the plant stays healthy, it is necessary to replant the string of dolphins once or twice a year. It is because over time as the roots … Read more

How To Grow String Of Dolphins Plant?

The string of dolphins is a low-maintenance succulent ideal for houseplant enthusiasts looking to add something interesting to their collection. They have plump dolphin-shaped leaves that retain water and make the plant relatively tolerant to low water conditions. However, growing a string of dolphins still requires a basic form of care to ensure healthy growth. … Read more

How To Keep String Of Dolphins Alive?

The string of dolphins is a hardy succulent, originally found in the tropical regions of the world. Due to its uniquely shaped pods which resemble tiny diving dolphins, these plants have become popular as house plants. Although they require minimal maintenance, they still do require some maintenance to stay alive. Several causes may harm your … Read more