How To Grow String Of Dolphins Plant?

The string of dolphins is a low-maintenance succulent ideal for houseplant enthusiasts looking to add something interesting to their collection. They have plump dolphin-shaped leaves that retain water and make the plant relatively tolerant to low water conditions.

However, growing a string of dolphins still requires a basic form of care to ensure healthy growth. Several factors need to be taken care of to keep the plant healthy.

How to grow string of dolphins plant?

So, let us explore some factors which ensure that your string of dolphins stays healthy

  • Potting
  • Light
  • Water
  • Temperature


The string of dolphins has a dense growth, so it doesn’t require a very large pot. Similarly, it has shallow roots, and hence the ideal size of the pot would provide about an inch of space for the plant to grow.

However, ensure that the pot has proper drainage holes to prevent the water from stagnating.

Generally, the string of dolphins requires sandy soil that is porous and not very rich in organic matter.

The ideal way is to make the soil at home by mixing equal parts of regular soil and gravel along with some perlite. It provides the ideal conditions for the proper growth of your string of dolphins .


The string of dolphins requires abundant light to grow well. A lack of sunlight may cause problems such as etiolation and flat leaves. Thus, always place your plant in an area of partial shade where it has access to abundant, indirect sunlight to ensure that it grows well.

In cases of indoor plants, place it near a south-facing window where it gets proper light for most parts of the day. Use additional artificial lighting if required to ensure proper growth of the plant.


While the string of dolphins can retain water for a long duration, it can still be prone to be overwatered. Similarly, a lack of water for an extended period can also cause severe damage to the plant.

So, it is best to water the plant every week and ensure that the soil remains moist, to ensure that the water requirements of the plant are adequately met.

However, as the plant enters dormancy during winters, reduce the frequency of watering to once a month to prevent the plant from drowning.


The string of dolphins is accustomed to average household weather conditions. So, if there are severe fluctuations in the temperature, the plant may be damaged.

For outdoor plants, it is best to bring them inside on days when there may be extreme temperatures.

In cases of indoor plants, keep them away from sources of heat or cold, such as air conditioners and refrigerators. It helps maintain the right temperature for the plant and facilitates proper growth.

Thus, these are the factors that need to be considered to help ensure the growth of a healthy and strong string of dolphins. The secret to growing a healthy string of dolphins is to patiently and constantly provide the required care to your plant.

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