Why Is My String Of Dolphins Drying Up?

The string of dolphins is a succulent plant with leaves that look like tiny diving dolphins. Generally, the leaves are plump and very soft to touch. However, if you see that the leaves are starting to flatten and dry, it means that your string of dolphins is very dehydrated. If left in such a state for long periods, it can cause the plant to die.

Thus, the plant needs to be rehydrated. Dehydration can happen due to various factors and each factor needs to be kept in mind while providing the right kind of treatment for your string of dolphins.

Why is my string of dolphins drying up?

Let us explore the reasons that may cause your string of dolphins to dry up –

  • Lack of Water
  • Improper Nutrition
  • Fungal infections

Lack of water

One of the most common reasons for a dry string of dolphins is a lack of water. As a succulent, the plant needs relatively higher amounts of water to survive than other plants. If there is a lack of water, the plant starts to wilt and dry out. If left untreated, it can be fatal to your string of dolphins.


The best way to rehydrate an under watered plant is to water the plant abundantly till the water starts to drip out of the drainage holes. However, you must be careful to not leave behind stagnant water as this can cause a problem of rotting and severely damage the plant. So, watering the plant once a week to keep the soil moist is sufficient.

Improper Nutrition

If your string of dolphins is planted in soil that is not suited for succulents, it may cause the plant to starve and die due to a lack of nutrients. Similarly, if the plant is provided with excess fertilizers, it may oversaturate the plant and make it unable to absorb the essential nutrients required for survival. It causes the plant to weaken, and it starts to dry up.


Always use a potting mix suited for cacti or succulents when you are potting the plant. Avoid using fertilizers that are excessively rich in nutrients and stick to the ones suited for succulents . You can also make a succulent potting mix using three parts potting soil, three parts gravel, and some amount of perlite as it is more economical.

Fungal Infections

If your plant is overwatered for a long duration, it may make the plant weak and cause it to be prone to fungal infections such as root rot. Root rot affects the plant roots and makes them unable to absorb the required nutrients. This causes the plant to start drying up.


Ensure that the plant is potted in a pot with proper drainage to reduce the chances of stagnation. If the plant is already affected, sever the affected parts, spray it with an effective fungicide, and replant it with fresh, sterile soil to reduce the chances of reinfection.

Thus, these are the reasons for your string of dolphins drying up along with the steps to save it.

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