Why Are My String Of Dolphins Dying?

The string of dolphins is a succulent plant whose pods represent the shapes of jumping dolphins. Due to their uniquely shaped pods, they make great decorative plants.
However, sometimes you may see your beloved string of dolphins starting to wilt and die off. It essentially means that your plant is undergoing some form of stress and requires your immediate assistance and care.

Why are my string of dolphins dying?

So, let us learn about some factors which may kill your string of dolphins and find the solutions for the same-

  • Sun Light
  • Container
  • Watering
  • Temperature

Sun Light

The string of dolphins are not heat-loving plants and may be easily prone to sunburns when exposed to too much sunlight. They generally prefer areas of shade, so if you place your plant in the sun, it is likely to die over time.


Place your plant in a place where it has access to bright, indirect sunlight but is not exposed to direct heat. So, a location of partial shade with access to filtered sunlight shall be ideal to grow your string of dolphins. If grown indoors, you may place it near a south-facing window to ensure they get at least six hours of sunlight each morning.


Overwatering is a serious concern in the case of the string of dolphins plants. So, if your soil does not have proper drainage and stagnant water gets left behind, it is likely that your plant will die. Similar problems can arise if the container in which it is planted lacks drainage holes.


The string of dolphins plants grows well in crowded containers with proper holes for drainage. So, ensure that the pot used for planting the plant is only a little bigger than the plant itself.

You can also use potting mixes used for succulents or cactus to pot your string of dolphins. Such mixtures are well-drained and provide the ideal conditions for the growth of your string of dolphins.


The string of dolphins plants may be damaged if an improper amount of water is provided to it. It is prone to being under-watered. It makes the plant weak, and it starts to wilt. If left untreated, it can kill your plant.


This succulent plant requires an ample amount of water to survive. So, it is best to water it with sufficient water to keep the soil moist and hydrated. Checking the leaf of the plants can give you a good idea of the watering status of the plant.


The string of dolphins plants is not suited to extreme temperature fluctuations. So, if the temperature drops or rises by more than a few degrees, your plant is likely to undergo some form of stress.


The ideal solution is to grow the plant indoors, especially when the temperature fluctuates in the extremes. Also, remove your plant from sources of heat such as refrigerators or air vents to prevent the plant from undergoing stress.

Thus, these are the reasons for your string of dolphins plants dying and the solutions for saving it.

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