How To Replant String Of Dolphins?

The string of dolphins is a hardy plant popular as a houseplant due to its unique leaves. Its leaves are shaped like tiny diving dolphins . However, to ensure that the plant stays healthy, it is necessary to replant the string of dolphins once or twice a year.

It is because over time as the roots develop the soil starts to become firm as it binds. It reduces the aeration of the roots and may cause stunted growth of your string of dolphins. It may also be due to the plant outgrowing the previous pot and the leaves starting to become overcrowded.

Another reason is that the soil may start to lose its nutritional value, due to which there may be a lack of nutrition for the plant. It weakens the plant and may eventually kill it. These are a few reasons why you need to replant your string of dolphins. However, you need to be very careful while replanting the plant as improper handling may cause irreversible damage to it.

How to replant string of dolphins?

So, let us explore the steps to replant your string of dolphins correctly-

  • Uprooting
  • Choosing the pot
  • Choosing the soil
  • Potting the plant


The string of dolphins must be handled very carefully at this stage as it is most prone to damage. Carefully lift the old pot and hit the pot gently from the sides and back to ensure that the soil loosens. Now, gently lift the plant and give it a shake to detach the bottom soil from the roots before scooping the plant up.

Choosing the Pot

Choosing the right size of the pot is very important to ensure the healthy growth of your plant. The new pot should have at least a space of one inch on each side to ensure that the plant has sufficient space for growth. Always ensure that the pot has sufficient drainage holes to ensure that no stagnant water is left behind post watering. This helps reduce the chance of damaging the plant due to overwatering.

Choosing the Soil

Regular soil is high in organic content and non-porous and hence is not suitable for growing a string of dolphins. Thus, the best and most economical alternative is to make your potting mix at home. It is a simple process that involves mixing three parts of regular soil, three parts of gravel, and one part of perlite. The resultant mixture is porous and ideal for planting your string of dolphins .

Potting the Plant

Fill the pot with the homemade potting mix and make a small hole in it with your hands. Carefully place the plant in the cavity and fill it with the potting mix. Water the plant abundantly and frequently to ensure that the soil remains moist and hydrated. It allows the plant to accommodate itself to the new pot and grow healthy.

Thus, these are the steps to replant the string of dolphins correctly and ensure that the plant remains strong and healthy.

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