How Does A Cactus Survive In The Desert?

Cactus can survive and thrive in extreme desert conditions, but have you wondered how does a cactus survive in the desert with arid, dry conditions? Well, the answer lies in the exotic appearance of the cactus. Tiny leaves, spines, and succulent stems all make the cactus adaptable to the arid climate of the desert. How … Read more

How To Propagate Cactus?

Gardening can be an expensive but addictive hobby. So, if you have successfully kept a cactus, it is likely that you would want to grow your collection. However, buying a cactus from a commercial nursery can prove to be an expensive choice. The best alternative is to grow your cactus seeds at home from your … Read more

How To Make Cactus Soil?

Cactus is accustomed to growing in dry, desert-type terrain. So, if you have a cactus as a houseplant, you must provide it with the right type of soil that resembles its natural habitat. It makes your cactus feel at home and reduces the chances of stress for the plant. Soil for Cactus – Procedure Generally, … Read more

How To Water Cactus?

To grow a healthy cactus, you must firstly personalize yourself to the cactus. Cacti need customized care to ensure healthy growth. One of the primary requirements of this process is to know how to water your cactus. Improper watering is one of the main reasons for a sick cactus. So, it is important to know … Read more

How To Take Care Of Cactus?

Cacti are extremely adaptable plants. It can tolerate relatively higher amounts of neglect than the other typical houseplants. However, for your cactus to flourish, it still needs some amount to basic care. Basic Cactus Care Some of the ways to ensure that your cactus is well cared for are – Location Proper Planting Watering Infection … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Changing Shape?

Cactus comes in different shapes and sizes, however, if your cactus has started to thin at the base and grow taller than it is supposed to grow, chances are that it is suffering from some form of stress. Your cactus has attempted to adapt and has undergone a process called etiolation. When do cacti etiolate? … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Changing Color?

Cacti typically appear in vibrant shades of green. However, if you notice your favorite cacti starting to change color, it may be due to the plant undergoing stress. In some cases, the cactus starts to develop a brownish layer. It is a common phenomenon called corking and signifies that your cactus is undergoing the natural … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Attracting Flies?

Cacti are beautiful plants, but sometimes you may see small fruit fly like bugs buzzing around your favorite houseplant. Those flies are called fungal gnats, and they tend to suck out the fluids of the cactus. Thus, the cactus becomes very weak. Since they are rapid breeders, if left unchecked they can become a nuisance … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Has Spots?

Are you observing brown spots appearing on your favorite cactus? Well, it is one of the common problems that you might encounter with your favorite cacti. However, simply because it is common doesn’t mean it can be ignored. Brown spots appear due to various physiological imbalances and are most likely going to damage your cactus. … Read more