How To Take Care Of String Of Dolphins Plant?

The string of dolphins is a rare succulent with pods that look like leaping dolphins. It is a hardy plant with high drought tolerance and low maintenance requirements. While growing the string of dolphins is a relatively easy task, it requires some basic care to keep it healthy. Several factors contribute to a healthy string of dolphins.

How to take care of string of dolphins plant?

So, let us explore the factors which you need to keep in mind to take proper care of your string of dolphins-

  • Temperature
  • Pests
  • Water
  • Light


The string of dolphins is a ‘soft succulent’ which essentially means that it is not tolerant to extreme temperatures. So, if you leave your string of dolphins outside on days when the temperature reaches the extremes, it is likely that the plant will suffer from severe tissue damage. It can lead to stunted growth, weakness, and even the death of your string of dolphins .


It is best to place your plant indoors if there are chances of extreme temperature fluctuations. In cases of plants that have grown indoors , avoid placing them near open windows or near sources that radiate heat or cold, such as refrigerators and heaters.

If your plant has been growing in the shade, only expose it to direct sunlight gradually to avoid tissue damage and keep the plant healthy.


The string of dolphins can be prone to common house plant pests such as aphids, mealy bugs, scale, and spider mites. These pests suck on the sap of the plant and weaken it. If not contained, it can also spread to neighboring plants and affect them. So, it is very important to take preventive measures if you spot pest infestations in your string of dolphins.


If a pest infestation is spotted, immediately isolate the plant from the rest of your houseplants to contain the spread. Spray the plant with an effective pesticide regularly until the pests have been eradicated. You can also repot the plant with fresh, sterile soil to avoid chances of reinfection.


Although relatively drought-resistant by nature, the string of dolphins can still be damaged if left unwatered for prolonged periods. It may lead to severe problems such as drying and weakening of the plant. Similarly, overwatering can drown your plant and cause it to suffer from infections like root and stem rot. Thus, it is very important to check the amount of water you provide to your string of dolphins .


Water the plant thoroughly every week to ensure that the soil stays moist. Ensure that the pot has proper drainage and no stagnant water is left behind. Generally, it is best to water from the top until it starts to drip from the drainage holes. However, only water again when the soil has completely dried up to ensure that the plant is not overwatered.

Thus, these are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure proper care of your string of dolphins.

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