How To Revive String Of Dolphins?

The strings of dolphins are hardy houseplants mostly known for their pods that resemble tiny diving dolphins. However, due to various factors, the plant may start to wilt, dry, and die. So, if you see your string of dolphins starting to such signs, it is important to take certain steps to prevent the plant from dying. However, the stressful situation is caused due to a variety of factors, so it is important to provide factor-specified care to your string of dolphins for the best chances of revival.

How to revive string of dolphins?

So, let us explore the factors that may cause damage to your string of dolphins and the ways to revive them-

  • Improper Watering
  • Pest Infestation
  • Temperature Change

Improper Watering

One of the main reasons for a dying string of dolphins is improper watering. Since it is a succulent plant, it requires an adequate amount of water to survive. It is highly prone to be underwatered, and it can essentially cause the plant to dry and eventually die. Similarly, if there is stagnant water left behind, it can cause the plant to turn squishy and weak. It makes the plant prone to being infested by pests or rotting. If left untreated, it can kill your string of dolphins. Hence, it is very important to provide the plant with adequate water.


If you notice that your plant is being affected by improper watering, it is very important to take preventive measures. If it is under watered, increase the frequency of watering to ensure that the soil stays moist at all times. If the plant is overwatered, immediately reduce the watering frequency. Check for signs of infection, and if possible, re-plant the plant in a tub with proper drainage. Only water again when the soil has dried completely to ensure that it remains moist and no stagnant water is left behind.

Pest Infestation

Another cause of a dying string of dolphins is pest infestations. Insects like aphids, mites, and mealybugs tend to suck on the sap of the plant and essentially cause it to weaken. Over time, it may kill your plant. Thus, taking urgent measures to curb the menace is very important.


If you see your string of dolphins being infected by pests, immediately isolate it to contain the spread of the pests to neighboring plants. Spray the plant with an effective pesticide in regular intervals till the pests have been completely wiped out. Once the infestation is cleared, repot it with fresh, sterile soil to reduce the chances of reinfection.

Temperature Change

The string of dolphins prefers average household temperatures. So, severe changes in the temperature can cause serious damage to your house plant. So, you must prevent the plant from such temperature fluctuations.


Avoid leaving your plant outdoors on days when there are extreme temperatures. Grow it in an area of partial shade where it receives adequate sunlight. If grown indoors, remove it from window stills and sources of heat such as refrigerators.

Thus, these are the steps to revive your dying string of dolphins.

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