How To Water String Of Dolphins?

The string of dolphins is a cute house plant whose leaves resemble tiny diving dolphins. Due to their succulent nature, the plants need adequate water to survive. The water required by a string of dolphins is generally more than a regular potted succulent plant needs.

However, excess water too can damage your string of dolphins. So, it is integral to know the amount of water your string of dolphins requires. The amount of water your string of dolphins requires is determined by several factors.

How Much Water Does Your String Of Dolphins Requires?

So, let us explore some of the factors that decide the right amount of water for your string of dolphins-

  • Frequency
  • Season
  • Winter Dormancy
  • Humidity
  • Technique


Due to the succulent leaves, the string of dolphins doesn’t require regular watering. Generally, the water need of this specific plant is relatively higher than others of the same type of succulents. So, it is best to water the plant once a week , especially during growing seasons. The watering needs generally differ from plant to plant, and it is generally best to personalize the watering schedule as per the custom needs of the plant.


The string of dolphins grows in average household temperatures. So, if the temperature drops or rises, the watering needs get altered. Generally, during the hotter days, the water evaporates faster and the plant needs more water to stay healthy. So, watering may be needed at least twice a week. However, on colder days, the watering needs reduce and the plant doesn’t require watering once every week. Once or twice is sufficient every month.

Winter Dormancy

The string of dolphins enters a dormant phase when winter arrives. During this phase, the plant stops growing, and the watering needs of the plant reduce drastically. So, watering the plant once or twice every month is sufficient. Simply ensure that the soil of the plant remains moist. Provide enough water when required to keep the soil moisturized.


Another factor that decides the amount of water your string of dolphins needs is humidity . The plant also absorbs water from the atmosphere, so if the weather is extremely humid, your plant will require less water than usual. On drier days, the string of dolphins requires more water than they do on normal days.


Watering the string of dolphins is relatively easy. The easiest way to ensure proper watering is to water the plant until it starts running out of the pot’s drainage hole. However, the plant may retain water for a long time, so be careful to allow the soil to dry out completely before deciding to water again. If stagnant water is left behind, it can cause serious problems such as root rot and may kill your plant over time. So, an adequate amount of water is essential for the proper growth of your string of dolphins.

Thus, we can see that various factors decide the amount of water your string of dolphins needs. So, carefully analyze the factors before deciding on the amount of water you provide for your string of dolphins.

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