Why Are My Pothos Leaves Curling?

Pothos is a popular houseplant with heart-shaped leaves. It is known for its low maintenance and care needs. So, generally, the plant stays healthy under normal conditions. However, sometimes the leaves of the pothos start to curl. It happens due to a change in the growing conditions of the plant. So, why do the leaves of the pothos start to curl?

Why are my pothos leaves curling?

The leaves of your pothos may curl due to a variety of reasons. However, curl leaves signify that your plant is under some kind of stress. If such stress is not reduced, it is likely to be very harmful to your plant. In such a case, the sooner preventive measures are taken, the higher the chances of saving your plant.

Pothos leaves curling Causes

So, let us explore the factors that could lead to curling of your pothos leaves-

  • Lack of water
  • Improper lighting
  • Temperature stress

Lack of water

Underwatering is one of the most common reasons for the curling of your pothos leaves. So, providing it with adequate water is very important for the health of your plant. Underwatering may cause the leaves to turn crisp and dry, and they begin to curl. A prolonged lack of water can lead to the death of your pothos plant .


One of the best solutions is to understand the watering cycle of the plant. Water abundantly until it starts to drip out of the drainage holes. Generally, watering it once every week during the summers and once a month during summers is sufficient to ensure that the plant is properly watered.

Improper Lighting

A healthy pothos should have wide, flat leaves that naturally grow towards the light. However, if your leaves are starting to curl and reach towards the source of light, the plant is likely etiolating. It happens when the plant doesn’t get enough light and is forced to grow towards the source. Lack of light may lead to problems like stunted growth, which harm the plant in the long run.


The best solution is to move the plant to a location where it receives bright, indirect light throughout the day. However, if your leaves start to curl away from the light, it is a sign of overexposure. So, gradually increase the amount of sunlight your plant receives to ensure that it grows well.

Temperature Stress

Another reason for the curled-up leaves of your pothos could be fluctuations in the temperature. If the temperature falls or rises beyond the range of 18-29°C, the plant will likely start to curl its leaves. It is a sign of the plant trying to adapt to the changing environment. If steps are not taken, the plant may be damaged due to sunburn or frost.


One of the ideal solutions is to place the plant indoors on days when there are chances of excessive temperature fluctuations. However, severe sunburns and frost damage are usually irreversible, so it is best to cut off the affected part and facilitate new growth.

Thus, these are the factors that may lead to the curling up of your pothos plant.

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