Why Is My Pothos Dying?

Pothos is a beautiful houseplant with heart-shaped leaves. Its minimal caring needs and adaptability make it a popular indoor houseplant. However, sometimes you may notice that your pothos is starting to die.

Why is my pothos dying?

Pothos is a hardy houseplant that is adaptable to most growing conditions. However, if your pothos is starting to die, it may be due to an imbalance of various environmental factors.

So, let us explore the reasons why your pothos may be dying and the solutions for the same-

  • Incorrect Temperature
  • Wrong choice of soil
  • Inadequate Sunlight

Incorrect Temperature

Due to its tropical origins, pothos requires a temperature that is similar to its native environment. It usually grows well between temperatures of 10°C – 26°C. If there are extreme fluctuations in the temperature, the leaves will start to turn black. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat or cold may kill your pothos.


Keep your pothos in a room that doesn’t have too much fluctuation in the temperature. If there are chances of extreme heat or cold, remove the plant from daft places such as open doors and windows. Remove the plant from sources of heat or cold, such as stoves, heaters, and refrigerators. These steps will help you ensure that the temperature around the plant is maintained at ideal levels.

Wrong choice of soil

Pothos can be fussy about the type of soil it needs. It requires well-aerated soil that is rich in nutrition and drains well. It also prefers soil that is slightly acidic and has a pH value of 6.1 – 6.5. The wrong choice of soil would make the plant unable to obtain the required nutrients, and it will die.


It is best to make a homemade potting mix that suits the needs of your pothos. It can be done by mixing peat, pumice, bark, and compost with regular soil. It helps create soil that is well aerated and rich in nutrients.

Use a pH testing kit to keep checking the pH level of your soil in regular intervals. If your soil is turning too acidic, consider adding coffee grounds to help maintain the pH balance of the soil. Similarly, you can use acidic fertilizers to maintain the acidity of your soil.

Inadequate Sunlight

Light is essential for the growth of your pothos . It requires light to carry out the essential process of photosynthesis. If there is a severe lack of light, the plant will start to etiolate and become weak as the leaves become long and the stems become thin. A prolonged lack of sunlight may lead to the death of your plant.


Pothos needs at least 10 hours of sunlight to grow well. Consider placing your pothos in a location of partial shade where it has adequate access to bright, indirect sunlight. If there is a lack of natural light, grow lights can be used as an alternative. However, be careful as overexposure to strong, bright light may lead to permanent sunburn damage to your pothos.

Thus, these are the reasons why your pothos is dying.

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