Why Is My Pothos Not Growing?

Pothos are hardy houseplants known for their high tolerance to low light. They are small plants with heart-shaped leaves and thin vines. Normally, they can grow well in most conditions. However, if you see that your plant is not growing, the plant is likely suffering from serious problems. Stunted or slow growth happens due to various reasons. So, let us explore why your pothos is not growing.

Why is my pothos not growing?

Pothos needs a variety of factors to be in a balance to enable it to grow well. So, if there is a lack of growth, it is likely that there is an imbalance in the growth factors of the plant. Take immediate steps to resolve the problem as stunted growth is generally permanent. Once the growth is stunted, there is nothing that can be done to renew the natural growth of the plant.

Pothos not Growing – Reasons

So, let us explore some of the factors which may lead to stunted growth in the pothos –

  • Inadequate Light
  • Lack of Nutrients
  • Excess Water

Inadequate Light

Light is essential for the growth of all types of plants. While pothos may be tolerant to low light, it still affects the growth of the plant. A lack of sunlight leads to a slow growth rate of the plant. It eventually affects the health of the plant.


If you see stunted growth in your pothos, immediately move it to a place where there is adequate, indirect sunlight for the plant. However, be careful to not provide direct sunlight as it may easily cause sunburns in the plants.

Lack of Nutrients

Every plant needs proper nutrients to grow well. So, if you plant your pothos in soil that is not rich in nutrients, it is likely that the plant will not have the adequate nutrients that it requires to grow well. So, it may lead to stunted growth in the pothos.


Use a potting medium that is suited for your pothos. Mix regular potting mix with equal parts of peat moss and some perlite to make your potting mix. It ensures the best results for your pothos and enables them to grow well. Always use sterile soil to ensure that there is no risk of infections.

Excess Water

Overwatering your pothos may be of fatal consequence . Stagnant water left behind in the pot for prolonged durations may lead to root rot . It prevents the roots of the plant from absorbing the required nutrients. Thus, the growth of the plant is stunted.


To ensure that there is no stagnant water left behind; only water your pothos once the soil begins to dry. Use a pot with proper drainage holes to allow the excess water to drain out. If root rot is spotted, immediately cut off the affected roots and spray with an effective fungicide before repotting the plant with fresh, sterile soil.

Thus, these are the factors that may prevent your pothos from growing and the steps to correct the same.

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