Do Pothos Like Coffee Grounds?

Pothos, commonly called money plants, is often a common houseplant found widely among house plant collectors . The pothos requires minimal maintenance and is easy to grow. It is also tolerant to low light conditions and can make good indoor plants for your office or bathrooms. You may have heard of several ways to make your pothos grow better . One of them is by adding coffee ground to your pothos. So, do your pothos like the coffee ground or, is it an exaggerated notion?

Do pothos like coffee grounds?

Yes, your pothos does like coffee grounds. Coffee is an excellent natural fertilizer, and adding coffee grounds has several beneficial advantages for your plant. Coffee has several organic nutrients that your plant needs, and it also balances the pH levels of the soil.

Benefits of Coffee grounds on Pothos plants

Let us explore some of the benefits of coffee grounds on pothos-

  • Balances the pH level of the soil
  • Acts as a fertilizer
  • Source of nitrogen
  • Improves soil quality

Balances the pH level of the soil

Coffee is acidic in nature. Due to several environmental reasons or overuse of the soil, its chemical composition starts to turn basic. Adding coffee grounds to the soil can help add an acidic character, and in maintaining the pH level of the soil. It helps ensure that your pothos tends to grow well.

However, if the plant’s soil is already acidic, adding coffee grounds to the soil may make it more acidic. It will cause severe damage to your pothos. So, always check the acidity of the soil before adding coffee grounds.

Acts as a fertilizer

Coffee grounds are also rich in several minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. These are essential minerals that your pothos requires to grow well . A deficiency in these minerals can cause problems such as stunted growth. So, adding coffee grounds to your soil helps the plant maintain the levels of these essential nutrients and helps your pothos grow well.

Source of nitrogen

Coffee grounds have plenty of nitrogen present in it. Your pothos needs plenty of nitrogen as it cannot absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Nitrogen deficiency can cause problems such as thin stems and discolored leaves in your pothos. A prolonged lack of nitrogen can also kill your plant.

Thus, adding coffee grounds to the soil can help improve the nitrogen levels of your plant and ensure that your plant grows well.

Further, nitrogen helps in the quicker breakdown of compost and manures. It allows the plant to assimilate the nutrients more easily.

Improves soil quality

Coffee grounds can play an important part in ensuring better soil quality. It helps in improving the water holding capacity of the soil.

Another advantage is improved drainage and aeration in the soil. It can improve the overall quality of the soil and ensure better growth of your pothos.

Thus, we can see that there are several advantages of using coffee grounds in your soil. So, we can conclude that your pothos does like coffee grounds, and it plays an important role in ensuring better plant growth.

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