How To Propagate Pothos?

Pothos is an easy-to-maintain indoor houseplant that is very popular among houseplant enthusiasts. Due to its minimal need for care, it would likely catch your liking very soon. So, it is likely that you would want to expand the collection of pothos. While pothos is not very expensive, a cheaper alternative is to propagate it by yourself at home. So, how to propagate pothos plants?

How to propagate pothos?

Pothos is a fast-growing plant that is easy to propagate. It can be done by both stem cuttings as well as division. However, using stem cuttings is likely to be easier as stems are intertwined and harder to divide.

So, let us learn the different methods of propagation and the advantages of propagating your pothos.

Stem Cuttings

It can be done by cutting stems of 4-6 inches just below a root node. Remember to use a sharp and sterilized tool while making the cuttings to avoid chances of infection. Ideally, the cutting should have more than four leaves and at least two growth nodes. It can be done either by planting the stem in soil or water.

However, remember that once the cutting begins to develop, it is very hard to switch the medium. So, it is important to decide the type of medium you want to grow your pothos in and propagate it accordingly.


In this method, roots are divided and propagated. It is usually done when the plant is repotted. The root ball is cut in half, and then each division is planted in a new pot. Over time you will have new pothos. However, it is important to be careful as the stem is intertwined and might be damaged in the process.

Advantages of propagating pothos plant

There are also several advantages of propagating your pothos-

Fuller Plants

Over time, the pothos is likely to lose their top foliage and look sparse. So, it is important to prune the plant. When the cuttings are obtained to propagate the plant, it essentially leads to pruning of the plant. Pruning helps facilitate new growth in the plant and leads to more dense foliage.

Economical Alternative

While pothos plants are not very expensive, however, propagating is a more economical alternative. It helps you grow a new plant at almost no cost and with little effort. Further, if the parent plant is of good quality, the propagated plant will likely be of the same high quality. Thus, it helps avoid mistakes that you might make while selecting a new plant, and it provides a consistent quality of pothos.

Caring post propagation

Caring for your newly propagated plant is relatively easy. Ensure that the potting medium is enriched in nutrients and well aerated. Light is another important factor in ensuring that your plant grows well. However, new pothos is more likely to be prone to pest infestation. So, keep an eye out for signs of infestation and take immediate measures if spotted.

Thus, these are the steps to propagate your pothos and grow new, healthy plants from them.

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