Can Plants Grow In LED Light?

We know all plants need light to grow. However, natural light is not always available for the plants to grow. So, an alternative is to use artificial grow lights to provide the plant with the required amount of light. However, grow lights come in various types, so is LED light effective in facilitating the growth of plants?

Can plants grow in LED light?

Yes, plants can grow well in LED light. While any LED light is suited for the growth of plants, it is suggested to use grow lights to ensure better growth. Grow lights generally provide a more specified range of colors that are suited for the growth of the plants.

So, let us explore how to select the right LED lights to ensure the proper growth of your plants.

Necessity of Artificial Lights

Plants need sunlight to carry out the essential process of photosynthesis to prepare their food. However, it is not always possible for plants to have access to natural sunlight. It can happen due to various reasons such as weather, indoor location, and lack of access to sunlight. So, artificial light is used to provide the plant with the necessary light.

Artificial lights can provide the plant with adequate light to fulfill the absence of sunlight. However, artificial lights can come in varied types and price ranges. So, it is best to know the type of light your plant requires to ensure proper growth.


LEDs are the cheapest alternatives to natural light available in the market. Generally, LEDs can be used to grow plants as they emit the necessary light required by them. However, LEDs too can come at varied types and prices. While standard LEDs are cheaper, there are also LED grow lights that can be used to provide more wholesome lighting for your plants.

Standard LED vs LED Grow Light

While standard LEDS provide adequate light for the growth of plants, LED grow bulbs provide a more precise amount and type of light required by the plant.

Further, standard LEDs don’t produce the requisite warmth while LED growth lights do. Thus, using grow lights can prove to be advantageous for the growth of your plant.

However, LED grow lights are generally more expensive than standard LEDs and they also emit a blue light which can prove to be harmful to humans.

So, LED grow lights are only suggested if you are growing your plant in an area where that is not frequented by humans.

Amount of Light

If you use artificial light to help your plant grow, ensure that all parts of the plant are getting equal light. So, to ensure proper lighting, use at least 3 to 4 LED bulbs to light up the surroundings of the plant. Keep the light on for at least 16 hours a day to ensure that the plants grow well. However, since the necessity of light varies from plant to plant, it is best to know the amount of light your plant requires each day.

Thus, we can see that plants well can grow in LED light.

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