Do Plants Need UV Light?

Every plant enthusiast or hobbyist will tell you about the advantages of using UV light to help grow better plants. There are various types of artificial lights available in the markets which promise to deliver better growth to the plant and ensure that it remains healthy. Given the abundant choices available to us, it may become confusing to choose if you need a light to help your plant grow. So, do plants need UV light to ensure proper growth?

Do plants need UV light?

Yes, while UV light may not be a necessity for the healthy growth of your plant, it still does help facilitate the growth of your plant. Both UV-A and UV-B light can prove to be beneficial for the plant and provide better growth as compared to its natural growth rate. While UV light in excess like all other factors may prove to be fatal to your plant; providing it an adequate amount of light in a controlled environment can help in providing better growth to your plants.

Advantages of using a UV light

So, let us explore the advantages of using a UV light for your plant –

Faster Photosynthesis

Providing UV light to the plant helps expedite the process of photosynthesis. It allows the plant to produce more food for it and helps facilitate growth. It also ensures bigger and better yields for your plants. Thus, exposure to the correct amounts of UV light ensures better plant growth, larger leaves, and higher dry weight.

Resin Production

UV light also ensures more production of resins. It is a protective substance that prevents the plant from losing excess water. It also boosts the content and quality of flavonoids and terpenes in the plant, which in turn enhances the color and the smell of the plants respectively.

Pest Protection

The UV light boosts the production of resin, which is a protective substance secreted by plants. It helps improve protection against pest infestations and fungal infections. In turn, it reduces the chance of damage due to pests and helps ensure better growth of the plant.

Disadvantages of using a UV light

Now, let us look at the disadvantages of using UV light in your plants –

DNA Damage

Excess exposure to UV light can cause damage to the genetic structure of the plant. It may lead to mutations, wherein the characteristics of the plant may change to give way to new ones. While this may be viewed as evolution, the problem is that the resultant plants may vary from the plant you originally bought.

Affects Plant Microbes

While UV light may kill off harmful bacteria from your plants, it also kills off other useful microbes in the process. Some bacteria play an important role in the growth of a healthy plant. For example, the nitrogen-fixing bacteria helps enrich the soil in nitrogen in a form that can be assimilated by plants. Thus, the killing of such healthy microbes can cause serious impacts on your plant.

Thus, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using UV light in your plants. So, you can compare the pros and cons and decide if you need a UV light to help your plants grow better.

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