Why Does My Pothos Have Brown Spots?

Pothos is a hardy houseplant known for its adaptability. Its tolerance to low light and compact size makes it an ideal indoor houseplant. However, sometimes you may notice your pothos starting to develop brown spots.

Why does my pothos have brown spots?

Pothos is known for its ability to adapt to most growing conditions. However, brown spots in the pothos occur when there is an imbalance of factors, such as water and humidity. Overwatering may lead to severe problems for your pothos, and one of its symptoms is brown spots. So, some of the reasons which may lead to brown spots on your pothos –

  • Excessive Sunlight
  • Overwatering
  • Leaf Spot Disease
  • Pest Infestation

Excessive Sunlight

While your pothos needs abundant indirect sunlight, exposure to direct sunlight for long durations may be damaging to them. It can lead to permanent sunburns or scorching.

Scorching may lead to brown spots in your pothos by damaging the plant tissues. Since such damage is usually permanent, it is best to take preventive measures to save your pothos .


Usually, the pothos only needs about six hours of bright, indirect light to grow well. So, avoid leaving your pothos out on hot days when they may be exposed to bright, direct sunlight. Shift your indoor pothos near a south-facing window to ensure that it receives adequate sunlight. However, due to the permanent nature of sunburns, it is best to cut off the affected parts of the plant and make space for new growth.


Overwatering your pothos may cause serious issues like root rot and brown spots. Brown spots may be signs of root rot which happens due to the drowning of the plant roots by stagnant water left behind in the pots. It renders the roots unable to absorb the required nutrients and eventually kills them. It usually happens if the watering is excessive or too frequent and it is left behind in the pot.


It is best to fix a watering schedule as per the needs of your pothos . It helps keep your routine intact and reduces the chances of overwatering the plant. Use a pot with proper drainage holes to ensure that the excess water is not left behind. Check the root for signs of root rot, and if spotted, cut off the affected parts and spray with an effective fungicide.

Leaf Spot Disease

While pothos is not commonly affected by the leaf spot disease, it may still be a possible reason for the brown spots in your pothos. It is a serious bacterial disease that can ruin your pothos if not treated immediately. It usually appears as brown spots with yellow halos in one area of your pothos or the whole plant.


Firstly, cut off all the affected leaves by pruning to ensure that the bacteria doesn’t spread anywhere else. Ensure that the plant is kept in a dry area and away from humidity. Avoid over watering the plant and keep the air dry. Repot the plant in fresh, sterile soil to reduce chances of reinfection.

Thus, these are the steps to help your pothos recover from brown spots.

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