Do Pothos Attract Bugs?

Pothos is a hardy houseplant kept by houseplant enthusiasts due to its adaptability and forgiving nature. It requires minimal care to grow. However, sometimes you may notice your pothos being infested by pests and bugs.

Do pothos attract bugs?

No, a healthy pothos is unlikely to attract bugs. However, when there is an imbalance of growth factors in the pothos, it will start to weaken. Once the plant becomes weak, it becomes susceptible to different types of bugs such as mealy bugs, aphids, scales, and spider mites.


While some amount of pest is normal in a healthy plant, an excess of it may be severely damaging. Pests like mealybugs and aphids suck on the sap of the pothos and weaken it. It may lead to severe problems if left untreated. Thus, immediate preventive measures are required.

Points to Remember to avoid Bug Infestation

Some of the essential factors you need to take care of to avoid a bug infestation are –

  • High Humidity
  • Excessive Water
  • Improper Ventilation

High Humidity

Bugs and pests tend to grow well in warm and humid locations. So, if your pothos is saturated with humidity, it is likely to become a breeding ground for bugs. So, while your pothos does grow well in high humidity, it also makes them more susceptible to bugs. It happens when there is a presence of excess humidity due to changes in the weather or excess misting.


Place your plant in a location where the conditions are dry, and the humidity is regulated. You can also use a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of humidity in the room in which your pothos is kept. Avoid leaving your pothos in daft places during days of high humidity to reduce the chances of bug infestation.

Excessive Watering

Another reason may be overwatering your plant. It happens if you water the plant with excess water or too frequently. It leads to clogging of the roots and weakens the plant. It also makes the soil soggy and makes it ideal for the bugs to thrive.


The ideal solution is to make a watering schedule for your pothos . It helps regulate the number of times you water the plant. Only provide enough water to keep the soil moist and don’t stagnate the plant. Use a pot with proper drainage holes to ensure that the water drains out well.

Improper Ventilation

Pothos needs proper ventilation to survive well. It helps the plant breathe easily and keeps the humidity levels in check. It also facilitates the drying of the soil and discourages the growth of bacteria and fungus. It happens if your pothos is kept in a room with no windows or are grouped with other plants that block air movement.


Place your pothos in a location where it has access to some amount of natural, fresh air to ensure that it breathes well. Avoid overcrowding the pothos with other plants that may block its access to fresh air.

So, while healthy pothos may not attract too many bugs and unhealthy pothos does.

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