How Fast Does Pothos Grow?

Pothos are heart-shaped house plants known for their adaptability. It is one of the fastest-growing houseplants one can have. Such a fast growth along with minimal care makes it an ideal house plant. So, how fast does a pothos grow?

How fast does pothos grow?

On average, the pothos grows around 30 cm or 12 inches per month if the right growing conditions are provided. It requires a favorable balance of factors such as temperature, soil, humidity, and light. During every growing season which starts from spring and lasts till fall, the pothos is likely to grow by a couple of meters.

How to make Pothos grow faster?

So, let us explore how to ensure that such an impressive growth rate is attained and maintained. Some of the factors which need to be taken care of are –

  • Soil Quality
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Fertilization

Soil Quality

Pothos gets its essential nutrients as well as water from the soil. So, using quality soil is very important to facilitate the proper growth of your pothos. If the soil is too clayey and holds water for too long, it may lead to stagnation of water. Stagnation can cause rotting in the roots and kill the plant.

Similarly, if the soil is too sandy or porous, there will be no water left for the plant to absorb, and it will become dry and crisp.

Another important factor in selecting the right soil is aeration. The root absorbs air through the soil. So, if the soil is not well aerated, the roots will be unhealthy.

Further, porous, aerated soil allows easier root growth in the plant. Thus, the proper soil is very important for the growth of your pothos .


Water is essential for the growth of your pothos. It is best to know the amount of water your pothos requires as both overwatering and underwatering may lead to severe problems such as rotting or drying.

Use a pot with proper drainage to ensure that there is no stagnant water left behind in the plant. Make a watering schedule for your pothos to ensure that the watering is on schedule.


While pothos may be tolerant to low light , it still needs proper lighting to grow well. Place your plant in a location where it has access to at least 10 hours of sunlight. It helps your plant prepare the required amount of food using photosynthesis and generate the energy required to facilitate growth.

However, introduce your pothos to light gradually as over-exposure can cause permanent sunburn damage to your pothos.


Fertilization helps accelerate the plant growth in your pothos. Thus, regular fertilization is important for your pothos . Apply an adequate amount of fertilizer on a given routine to ensure that your pothos grows well. Use liquid fertilizer as it is best suited for your plant. However, be careful about the amount of fertilizer used as excess fertilization may cause fertilizer burns in your pothos.

Thus, these are the steps to ensure that your pothos plants stay healthy and their fast growth rate is maintained.

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