What Do Plants Need To Grow?

Gardening can be an interesting hobby to adopt if you love plants. It involves growing plants of your choice and taking care of them. It requires a lot of effort, but it can be very rewarding. To make a plant grow well and flowers bloom may be a very satisfying experience. However, to take up gardening as a hobby, you must know the basics of growing a plant. So, let us explore the things plants need to grow.

What do plants need to grow?

There are a few basic things that every plant needs to ensure proper growth. The essentials for the growth of your plant are –

  • Water
  • Air
  • Source of Nutrients
  • Sunlight
  • Space

Although the quantity of each factor may vary from plant to plant, each plant still requires these factors to ensure healthy growth.

List of basic things that every plant needs to grow


Water is one of the most important factors for the survival of plants. It is used by the plants in carrying moisture and nutrients to the various parts of the plant. It also helps absorb the nutrients from the soil through the roots. However, providing the right amount of water is very important as overwatering or underwatering the plant may lead to various problems such as dryness and rotting.


All living beings require air to survive, however, unlike humans who need oxygen, plants need carbon dioxide . Carbon dioxide is an important ingredient in the process of photosynthesis which helps the plant to produce its food. Plants also help turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Pollutants may hamper the plant from absorbing the carbon dioxide from the air and cause harm to it. Thus, clean air is very important for the plant as lack of adequate air may kill the plant.

Source of Nutrients

Modern technology has enabled the provision of nutrients to the plant without soil. However, the plants still need essential nutrients such as potassium and phosphorous to carry out the essential life processes. Each nutrient has its role in ensuring the better health of your plant, so if the soil is not rich enough in nutrients, you can also use manures and fertilizers to provide the required nutrition to your plant. A lack of nutrients may cause serious problems and may weaken the plant.


Sunlight is an essential element to enable the plant to carry out the process of photosynthesis.

So, if your plant is not getting adequate sunlight, it is likely that the plant will start to starve. The sunlight requirements of the plant vary from plant to plant, so it is better to know the amount of sunlight your plant requires.


Each plant requires proper airflow and space to grow well. So, if the plant is left to grow in an overcrowded space along with other plants, it may lead to stunted growth of the plant. Overcrowded plants are also more prone to pest infestation and fungal infections. So, it is best to provide your plant the adequate space to grow.

Thus, these are the things that your plant needs to grow well.

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