Why Is My Peperomia Dropping Leaves?

Peperomia is a tropical semi-succulent with pretty leaves and bushy foliage. It is a hardy plant with an ability to adapt to harsh conditions. However, sometimes you may notice that the leaves of your peperomia plant are falling off. So, why are the leaves of your peperomia falling off?

Why is my peperomia dropping leaves?

Peperomia is a plant with thick foliage. So, if the leaves of your peperomia fall off, it may start to look scanty, and its appearance would be spoiled. So, if the leaves of your peperomia are falling off, it is a serious issue. However, one of the primary reasons for the falling leaves could be that they have become too old or have started to die. It is a natural process of aging wherein the old leaves are discarded to make a place for new growth. So, there is not much you can do about it. However, excessive falling of leaves is not natural and is usually due to severe stress. Such stress may happen due to an imbalance of factors like water, light, and nutrients. If preventive measures are not taken immediately, it may lead to permanent damage to your peperomia.

So, some of the reasons for the falling of the leaves of your peperomia are –

  • Water
  • Fertilizer


Water is an essential element for the health of your peperomia. The ideal amount of water is required to help your peperomia survive. If the plant is underwatered or overwatered, it will lead to problems such as drying and root rot respectively. These issues will make the plant weak and the leaves of the plant will start to fall off. Thus, providing the right amount of water is very important for the well-being of your peperomia.


The best way to ensure that your peperomia is well watered is to fix up a watering schedule. It helps regulate the frequency of watering. Provide enough water to keep the soil moist but be careful not to leave stagnant water behind as it may lead to severe problems in your plant.


Although peperomia is a hardy plant , fertilizers can help your plant grow faster and stronger. However, if excessive fertilizer is applied, it will lead to a severe weakening of the plant. The leaves of the plant will start to become dry and will fall off. It may even lead to the death of your plant if preventive measures are not taken immediately.


While peperomia requires to be fertilized once every two weeks during the growing season, the same can be reduced to once a month during winters when it is dormant. Excessive fertilizers can lead to fertilizer burns and cause permanent damage to your plant. It is best to use NPK fertilizers to ensure that the basic needs of your peperomia plant are met adequately, and the plant remains strong and healthy.

Thus, these are some of the reasons which can lead to the falling of the leaves of your peperomia and the steps to correct the same.

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