Do Peperomia Plants Attract Bugs?

Peperomia is indeed a beautiful plant that makes an ideal, low-maintenance houseplant. However, most plants tend to attract bugs . Bugs can create an unnecessary nuisance in your household. So, does peperomia also attract bugs?

Do peperomia plants attract bugs?

Yes, an unhealthy peperomia does attract bugs. While a healthy peperomia is usually resistant to pests and bugs, a weak peperomia is highly prone to being infested by bugs. So, the best way to keep a peperomia bug-free is to keep it healthy. There are several factors such as water, humidity, temperature, and soil quality that should be kept in mind while caring for your peperomia . So, some of the bugs which might affect your peperomia are –

  • Aphids
  • Spider Mites
  • Scale
  • Gnats
  • Mealybugs


Aphids are tiny, greenish flies that love to feast on plants like peperomia. Aphids emit sticky honeydew-like liquid on the leaves and stems of the peperomia. It leads to the leaves of the plant turning yellow, and they start to fall off. Eventually, the foliage starts to get distorted, and the overall look of the plant gets spoiled. Aphids also tend to reproduce very quickly, and they can spread to other plants very soon.

Spider Mites

Spider mites are extremely tiny bugs that are very hard to spot. The easiest way to spot spider mites is to check for fine webs between the foliage. Spider mites tend to drill the leaves and stem of the peperomia to reach the fluid within it. It can lead to severe infection in the plants and cause discoloration or yellowing.


Scale is a common bug that affects a wide range of houseplants including peperomia. Scales suck the sap of the plant and cause problems like undernourishment. Prolonged infestation of scales may be fatal for your peperomia. Further, scales have a covering that protects them and makes them harder to eradicate.


Gnats are small, mosquito-type flies. While gnats cannot do major damage to your peperomia, they can indeed be a nuisance in the house. They tend to creep into living areas and create annoyance. Further, gnats may also damage the plant by infiltrating pathogens and injuring the roots of your peperomia.


Mealybugs are pink, soft-bodied bugs usually covered in a cotton-like, white coat. They usually infest the plant in groups and prefer to live in safe areas such as stem joins. They can cause withering, discoloration, and stunted growth of the plant.


Always keep an eye out for bug infestations in your peperomia. If spotted, immediately isolate the plant to contain the spread of the infestation. Use an effective pesticide or diluted solution of rubbing alcohol to spray your peperomia regularly until the bugs have been completely eradicated. Repot the healed peperomia with fresh, sterile soil to reduce the chances of reinfection .

Thus, we can see that peperomia can indeed attract bugs if it is weak and unhealthy. So, the best way to keep your peperomia free from bugs is by keeping it healthy.

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