Why Is My Peperomia Turning Brown?

Peperomia is a tropical semi-succulent houseplant with leaves that come in a wide range of shades. However, sometimes you may see your peperomia leaves starting to turn brown. So, why is your peperomia plant turning turn brown?

Why is my peperomia turning brown?

Peperomia is usually a hardy plant that can survive harsh conditions. It usually turns brown due to an imbalance of factors such as water and sunlight. It is a sign that the plant is undergoing some form of stress, and if immediate measures are not taken, your peperomia plant may be irreparably damaged. So, some of the factors which may lead to a brown peperomia are-

  • Inadequate Watering
  • Excessive Sunlight
  • Leaf Spot Disease

Inadequate Watering

Peperomia is a semi-succulent tropical plant that requires an adequate amount of water. So, underwatering the plant may cause it to start drying, and it eventually causes it to turn brown. It makes the leaves dry and crispy, which may eventually cause the plant to wilt, turn brown and die off. Thus, providing the right amount of water is of prime importance for the well-being of your peperomia .


The ideal solution is to water the plant once a week during summers and twice a month during winters. Use a pot with proper drainage holes and water abundantly till water starts to drip out of the drainage holes. Only re-water it when the soil starts to dry to ensure that the peperomia is provided with an adequate amount of water.

Excessive Sunburn

Peperomia, like all tropical plants, needs plenty of bright, indirect sunlight to grow well. So, it grows well in an area of partial shade. However, if it receives excessive direct sunlight, it would have severe tissue damage, and the plant will eventually turn brown due to sunburn.


The peperomia plant needs adequate, indirect sunlight to grow. So, if your plant is left outdoors, make sure it is kept in a place where there is partial shade and indirect sunlight. However, if the plant is grown indoors , it can be placed near a south-facing window to ensure that it receives adequate light to meet its light requirements.

Leaf Spot Disease

Leaf spot infection is a fungal disease that may cause dry, brown spots on your peperomia. It may occur because of various reasons, such as wrong aeration or humidity in the plant. It spoils the overall look of the peperomia and makes it look sickly. If steps are not taken to control the infection, it may severely damage the leaves of your plant.


Always keep a lookout for infestations in your peperomia . If you spot an infection, immediately isolate the affected plant to contain the spread of the infection and spray it with an effective pesticide. If the infection is severe, cut off the affected parts to encourage new growth. Once the infection is eradicated, re-pot the plant in fresh, sterile soil to reduce the chances of reinfection.

Thus, these are some of the reasons why your peperomia is turning brown and the steps to correct the same.

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