Arrowhead Plant Propagation

Arrowhead plant is a popular, easy-to-grow houseplant that can get leggy and lose its low, mounding form with age. When this happens, you might consider propagating the arrowhead plant (Syngonium podophyllum) to obtain new plants to replace the old ones. You can propagate arrowhead plants in water or soil, but the method for doing so is slightly different for each.

Arrowhead plant propagation in water

Step 1: Cut a 4-inch length of stem from a mature arrowhead plant that has at least two leaf nodes. Remove all except the top two leaves from the cuttings.

Step 2: Place the cuttings in a container of warm water, making sure the nodes are submerged. Change the water every two days to prevent algae growth.

Step 3: Place the container in indirect sunlight and wait for roots to form on the nodes, which will take about three weeks for most varieties of arrowhead plants. When roots reach about 1 inch long, transfer the cutting to moist potting mix using a rooting hormone, if desired. As a general rule of thumb, when there are enough roots to hold onto soil without washing away, it’s time to transplant your new arrowhead plant into its own pot.

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