Why Is My Venus Fly Trap Turning Red?

Generally, if your plant changes its color, it is a sign of the plant undergoing some form of stress. However, if the plant is a Venus flytrap and if the color it is changing to is red, you’re in luck.

If the traps of your Venus flytrap are starting to turn bright red on the insides, it is a good sign. It essentially means that the plant is receiving abundant sunlight.

The red color signifies that your plant is receiving sufficient light to carry out the process of photosynthesis. It allows for the plant to carry out the essential life processes and stay strong and healthy.

Importance of red color

The red color is crucial for the Venus flytrap. Firstly, it signifies the health of the Venus flytrap. The brighter the trap, the healthier the plant. Secondly, the red color of the trap helps the Venus fly trap plant attract flies and bugs that it traps. The bright red color of the trap mimics a flower and along with its sweet nectar helps draw flies towards it. Thus, it is an important feature for the plant to ensure that it catches its prey.

However, take measures to ensure that the red color of the plant is maintained and it stays in good health.

Important factors

So, let us explore the factors that will help you take care of your Venus flytrap and ensure that it stays red and healthy –

  • Sunlight
  • Nutrition
  • Water


While the red color of the plant has come due to the plant receiving abundant sunlight, it still needs to be maintained to ensure that the plant stays in good health. So, ensure that the plant is not removed from its present location and keeps getting the same amount of adequate sunlight. Changing the location may cause the colors to fade and the plant to turn pale. If needed, adjust the plant to ensure that it receives adequate lighting.


Proper nutrition is important to maintain the health of the Venus fly trap . Ideally, if you have kept your plant indoors, you can feed a trap each week to ensure that it receives the right amount of nutrition. Provide them with bugs, flies, or crickets not larger than one-third of the size of the trap. In the cases of outdoor Venus flytraps , they can hunt their adequate food and don’t need to be fed artificially.


Pure water is essential for the Venus flytrap to carry out the process of photosynthesis. Thus, if you provide the plant with regular tap water, it is likely that the plant will get oversaturated with minerals and will be unable to absorb the essential nutrients. It will make the plant weak and cause it to lose its red color.

Thus, we can see that your Venus flytrap turning red is a good sign. So, these are the factors that ensure that the bright light of the red color of your plant is maintained along with its good health.

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