Where Can I Find A Venus Fly Trap?

The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that originates from the subtropical wetlands of the East Coast of the United States, especially from North and South Carolina. It is perennial, which means it doesn’t shed its leaves during autumn and stays green throughout the year. However, despite its tropical origins, it is not a tropical plant and requires a period of dormancy during winter.

Due to its unique characteristics, it has become the most sought-after carnivorous plant that is sought after by botanists and house plant hobbyists alike. Thus, the plant has today spread to different corners of the world and is widely kept as an exotic houseplant.

Where can I find a Venus fly trap?

The Venus flytrap can be kept both as indoor and outdoor houseplants. Due to their popularity, they can be found in different types both online stores and in your nearest gardening stores. These plants today are also kept in departmental or hardware stores and hence such plants are of lower quality than the ones you’d find in nurseries. So, visit a gardening store or buy online for the best options.

However, keep certain factors in mind to ensure that the plant is of good quality.

Characteristics of Good Venus fly trap plant

So, let us discuss the factors that are important to ensure that you are buying a good quality plant –

  • Price
  • Potting
  • Origin


One of the most important factors is the price of the Venus flytrap . The price varies on whether you buy a plant or you buy the seeds of the plant. Generally, a cost of a Venus flytrap plant starts from around $5, while its seeds cost around $1.3. While plants may be more expensive, seeds require much more effort to grow. Further, good-quality plants often cost much more. Thus, if you want a good quality plant, it is likely that you would have to be willing to pay a higher price.


Another factor that you need to check while buying a Venus flytrap is the potting of the plant. These plants come in pots as well as open-rooted. While costs may be higher for the potted plant, it also ensures that your plant survives longer.

So, if you are buying online, choose pots over open roots as the open-rooted plants which are wrapped in polybags, have only a limited lifetime. However, open-roots are a more economical option if you have the facility of immediate potting.


A good source of origin is essential to ensure that the plant is of good quality. Always check the details of the plant as well as the picture very carefully. Avoid buying plants that originate from large commercial nurseries.

Although cheaper, most plants in such locations are commercially cultivated in large numbers. Due to this the plants lack care and are often of lower quality. Go for smaller, more well known nurseries that avoid using excessive fertilizers or are certified organic. These nurseries provide better care to the plants due to smaller batches.

Thus, this is how you can find a good quality Venus flytrap to add to your houseplant collection.

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