How Much Does A Venus Fly Trap Cost?

Venus flytraps are widely available online or in your neighborhood gardening store. However, we can see that the price of each plant varies widely. Various factors need to be kept in mind to ensure that you pay the right price for your Venus flytrap. While the price of a Venus flytrap generally starts from $5, it can go upwards depending on the specifications of the plant.

How much does a Venus fly trap cost? – Factors

So, some factors which decide the price of the Venus flytrap are –

  • Size & health
  • Potting
  • Source

1. Size & Health

Choosing a plant of ideal height and health should be your priority. The height of an adult Venus fly trap will be at least half or one inch. While there may be a few yellowing leaves, most of the leaves should be green and firm. The leaves should not be more than 3 inches in length as it is a sign of etiolation. For young Venus flytraps, the trap size should be up to half an inch long.

Never buy a Venus flytrap that is not looking robust. This could be the starting sign of a weak plant with stunted growth and infestations. Ensure that the plant is not bought during winter as the plant can be dormant. Thus, the plant will have more dead leaves and look weakened. So, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a weak and a healthy plant.

2. Potting

You can either buy a potted plant or a bare root plant. Buying a potted plant can be less of a stress, but it will always be more expensive. On the other hand, bare-root plants need an extra effort to be planted but are more affordable. However, the bare root plant only has a limited lifetime, and once planted the plant requires several weeks to adjust to the new environment. Thus, each type of plant has its pros and cons, and you must make your choice based on your requirements.

3. Source

The origin of the plant decides its health and quality. Look for sellers who specialize in carnivorous plants as they may be better adapted to grow your Venus flytrap well. Carefully check the description and details of the plant along with the pictures if you are buying from online sources.

Avoid buying from hardware stores or commercial nurseries as the plants are generally forced to propagate quickly and not cultivated with proper care. The solution to buy a healthy plant is to research well and carefully select the plant as there is no alternative to a careful choice.

Final Words

Generally, a basic commercial plant costs around $5, however, the prices go up as per the quality of the plant. So, if you want to buy a good quality plant, you might have to spend around $25. However, the cheapest way is to buy or propagate seeds and germinate them on your own at your convenience at home.

Thus, these are the factors that decide the price of your Venus flytrap. So, keep them in mind as you decide to buy your next Venus flytrap.

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