Why Is My Venus Fly Trap Not Opening?

Venus flytraps can be an interesting addition to your houseplant collection. However, once in a while, the trap which it uses to catch its prey may snap shut and not open for several weeks. While sometimes it is a natural process, other times, it may be due to different factors. However, if the Venus flytrap refuses to open, there is nothing much you can do except wait patiently. So, don’t start panicking if you see your Venus flytrap not opening.

Why is my Venus fly trap not opening?

So, let us explore the factors that may cause the trap of your Venus flytrap to remain shut –

  • Digestion Process
  • Damage to the Trap
  • Aging of the Trap

1. Digestion Process

One of the main reasons due to which the trap remains shut is when it is in the process of digesting the food it has caught. The traps have sweet-smelling nectar that attracts the prey. Once the prey lands on the trap, it seals shut, trapping the prey. The trap then starts to secrete its digestive enzymes. Since the trap needs to stay sealed to prevent spillage of the enzymes, it remains closed until the entire process is complete. This process may take several weeks. So, it is best to wait until the plant has digested its food as it shall open by itself once it is done.

2. Damage to the Trap

Another reason can be that your trap is damaged. It can happen for various reasons such as hailstorms or frost damage. So avoid placing your Venus flytrap outside in extreme weather conditions. Similar injuries may occur if you are not careful with the plant during pruning. Thus, you should be very careful while pruning your Venus flytrap .

3. Aging of the Trap

The traps of the Venus flytrap don’t live forever. They tend to start blackening after closing about four to five times. In such a case, the trap closes and refuses to open. Over time the trap dies and falls off. It is a completely natural process where it has become too old to keep catching its prey. So, the aging trap is replaced by the growth of a new trap. Thus, one reason for your Venus flytrap not opening is because it has aged.

However, even if the Venus flytrap is not opening, you should not use any form of force to try and open the trap . While it is a natural reaction to try and save your beloved plant, it can cause severe damage to the trap and the plant. Further, due to the presence of digestive enzymes, forcing it to open may make the plant prone to bacteria and fungus. So, using any form of force shall only make the situation worse. Thus, refrain from using any form of force to open the trap.

Final Words

Thus, we can see that if your Venus flytrap refuses to open, there is no way to open it. So, you can either wait till the plant digests its food, and the trap opens, or the trap withers away and falls off.

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