Why Is My Cactus Drooping? (Causes + How To Fix)

Cactus are wonderful houseplants that don’t require much attention. Being a desert plant and part of the succulent family it has organs that store water. One of its fascinating properties is that it is not affected by small issues. But sometimes its branches start to get floppy and saggy.

When you notice your Cactus getting saggy, it’s a wake-up call to end the ignorance. The reason behind the saggy appearance of your cactus can be weak roots, underwater, overwater, pests, bugs, lack of sunlight and many more.

Why is my cactus drooping?

Here are some of the common reasons behind your drooping cactus .

  • Cactus potted in large pots
  • Bugs
  • Improper watering habits
  • Lack of sunlight

1. Cactus potted in big pots

The very first thing you need to check is the size of the pot. The pot size should be neither too big nor too small for the cactus.

If your cactus is potted in a very big container then it won’t be able to absorb water properly. This will result in drooping and falling off branches.


Also, you must leave 1-2 inches of space for the roots to grow. Inadequate space for root growth can damage the plant overall.

Cactus plants need just a few inches from both sides of the pot to grow. Moreover, you don’t have to shift your cactus to a bigger container even if it has outgrown. You only need to repot your cactus every 1-2 years.

2. Inadequate sunlight

Cactus are desert plants where they enjoy bright sunlight full day.


In the summer, spring and fall seasons place your cactus plants outside. This helps them to receive the warmth and sunlight they need to thrive.

Mostly drooping occurs during the winter months when the sunlight is minimal. In such cases, you will need to provide supplementary artificial light for its healthy growth.

3. Bugs

Bugs are the worst enemy for your cactus plants. They suck out the juices from the plant and leave behind dark blemishes. These blemishes spread the infection all over the plant.


Whenever you notice a white cotton-like alien presence over your cactus, rinse it with insecticidal soap. You can even use normal soap and water. Let the soap sit for 2 days before rinsing it with clean water. This will kill the white bugs and save your cactus from drooping.

4. Improper watering habits

Indeed, cacti don’t require a large amount of water to survive. Still, it needs an adequate amount of water to stay healthy.

If your cactus is turning a little purple , it’s a sign that your plant is drying. In case your cactus is too bright in colour it means it is overwatered.


In winters people tend to underwater their cactus. If you are underwatering your cactus you should keep it in a cool environment. Otherwise, the water will evaporate and cells dry out due to lack of water. The plant will shrink and the branches will fall over.

Never leave the soil of your cactus wet for a long time or water clogged. This is true, especially in winters. You should not water your cactus if its soil is still wet. Also, try watering once every 5-6 weeks in winters.

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