Stardew Valley Best Plants For Summer

Whether you’re looking to grow something edible or just want to give your garden a nice boost, there are some great choices in Stardew Valley. Melons are a great choice for one season, and you can harvest multiple berries at a time. Blueberries, on the other hand, will drop multiple berry clusters per harvest, leading to three or four bottles of wine. In addition to blueberries, you can plant other fruits and vegetables, including melon and rhubarb.


If you are a Stardew Valley player, you’ll be happy to know that the blueberry is one of the best plants for summer. These berries take about 13 days to mature, and will give you three to four blueberries per harvest. That isn’t bad for a summertime crop that is relatively easy to grow. Unlike the starfruit, though, these fruits take a few extra days to mature. Fortunately, they are also multiple harvest crops, so they are a great choice if you’re looking for a multiple harvest crop.

If you’re looking to earn the most gold in Stardew Valley, you can consider planting corn or blueberries. Both of these crops can provide a profit throughout the summer and fall. The corn is easy to grow and only needs to be fertilized once, and blueberries require very little maintenance. In addition, they will yield at least 15 gold per day. The latter is great for generating a lot of extra cash.

The best crops for winter in Stardew Valley are starfruit and sweet gem berries. These berries will yield a high amount of fruit in a short amount of time and require little effort. Harvesting them will take 28 days. Unlike starfruit, though, they will reappear after seven days. The starfruits can be harvested several times throughout the season. If you’re looking for a lower-maintenance crop, you can try growing bok choy or pumpkins.


A melons is a great plant to grow during the summer season in Stardew Valley. These fruits take 12 days to grow, but can be sold for up to 375 gold per melons. They are a cheap crop to grow, but can become giant crops that drop a great number of melons when harvested by an axe. These crops are favored by many villagers, but are especially coveted by Penny. The best plants for summer include these fruits, which can also be found in the Summer Crops Bundle.

The melon grows quickly, and is a great plant for people who are broke. Once it is 12 days old, it will be ready to harvest. Each melon will yield about 170 gold, but it is important to keep in mind that you can only harvest one per crop per day. If you have a large plot of land, you can plant giant crops in three patches, and each one will yield double the melon it normally would.

Other great summer crops include melon seeds. They can become giant crops, but you must play multiple 3×3 grids to grow them. While you may be tempted to grow melons year-round, you might be better off focusing on other crops instead. You can make a decent profit from these crops. They also make great gifts. You can also sell them for a huge profit compared to their cost.


One of the easiest plants to grow in Stardew Valley is the parsnip. This type of vegetable needs little maintenance, can be planted in early spring, and will be ready for harvest in late autumn. Parsnips are also delicious to eat, as the stems and leaves are both edible. When the game starts, Mayor Lewis provides 15 seeds for your parsnip garden. You can purchase additional seeds from Pierre’s General Store, JojaMart, and the Magic Shop Boat. Parsnips are also occasionally available from the Traveling Cart.

Players should plant as many parsnips as they can. Parsnips are also special starter crops and are the quickest way to level up the farming skill. It takes four days to grow five gold-star parsnips. They will also earn you 105 gold and 150 friendship points. After harvesting them, players can switch to more profitable crops such as Potatoes. This is a good strategy until the player unlocks the Strawberry Seeds.

Stardew Valley’s parsnips are inexpensive to purchase and sell. They yield a good profit, especially when you are first starting out. The seeds are cheap and will produce a profit even if you have to sell them for less than their value. Parsnip seeds can be purchased at Pierre’s on any day of the spring. Just be sure to avoid Wednesdays before you complete the community center.


The best way to make money in the game is to sell your harvested rhubarb. It is a crop you can only purchase from the desert shop, Oasis by Sandy, and sell for 220g per piece. It only takes 13 days to grow and harvest. It is possible to buy seeds from the Oasis for 100g or from the Traveling Cart for 2g.

One of the best crops to grow during the summer is rhubarb. This plant grows quickly and can be harvested for a profit. It sells for 250g and yields 170g per harvest. It is delicious in desserts and can also be used in making pink cake or Fruit Salad. Listed below are some other crops you should grow during the summer in Stardew Valley.

Strawberry, rhubarb, and guava are some of the best crops to grow during the summer in Stardew Valley. These crops will continue to produce for 4 days after they reach maturity. Therefore, if you planted strawberries in the spring, you would get $720 worth of berries and a higher profit margin. Rhubarb is available in the desert by bus after completing Vault Bundles at the Community Center. Potatoes will also have a 25% chance to produce a second potato when harvested.


Growing kale is a good choice for spring and summer. It grows quickly and can sell for 110 g at the normal price or 180 g at gold. Kale is one of the most lucrative crops, so it’s well worth its cost. Read on to discover how you can grow it. This vegetable takes about 6 days to grow and sells for a good price!

First, remember to save all your money. You can earn a few more from foraging and fishing, but you must spend at least 40 gp on farming this week. Also, remember that if you plant too many seeds, you can lose some of your crops to crows! That’s why planting more crops tomorrow is a good idea! Kale takes six days to mature, so plan ahead!

In addition to kale, you can also grow several other types of veggies. These include spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and arugula. The last few vegetables are also good options for the summer. Once you get some of them, they can be sold in the market for fiber, mixed seeds, or even raw. Eventually, you’ll have enough food to grow a new variety for your family.


Poppies are the worst crop in the Stardew Valley game. While they are useful as a crop, they only give a small profit compared to their cost and do not appear in other quests. Poppy seeds are also incredibly expensive, but they still make good gifts. While Poppy seeds are bad for the environment, they are useful as a crop for cooking, especially since you can use them to make a delicious muffin. However, the downside of growing Poppies is that they take up too much inventory space.

Among the best plants in the game, poppy is a great choice for cooking and eating. If you want to sell your creations, you can sell poppy seeds for 250 gold coins. Poppy seeds are available at the General Store and the Traveling Cart for 150-1000 gold coins. However, the best deal is found at the Night Market, where you can find some of the best deals.

Aside from making the best items, growing the best crops is also important. You must plant them correctly for them to reap the best rewards. The best crops for summer include the following:


Cauliflower is one of the best crops to grow in Stardew Valley. Cauliflower seeds can be purchased at the general store for about 80g, and once it is grown, it can be sold for around 175g. This will give you 95g in profit, and you can also cook it up with Cheese Cauliflower recipe. Cauliflower also grows into giant crops, so you can sell it for more profit. Unlike normal crops, giant ones don’t die with the change of seasons.

Sunflowers are among the worst crops to grow in Stardew Valley. They only yield one harvest, and they sell for so little compared to the purchase price. Despite this, they are essential to complete a bundle in the Community Center, and they are not used in quests or cooking recipes. In addition, they take up a lot of inventory space. So, you may want to avoid these crops altogether unless you have a lot of free space in your inventory.

Melons are one of Penny’s favorites. They grow fast, and you can use them in two recipes – Fruit Salad and Pink Cake. Melons are also part of the Summer Crop bundle, so they make sense to grow them. If you’re wondering which plants to grow during summer, melons are at the top of the list. You’ll be able to sell them for over 200g each after harvest, and you’ll earn about 170g of profit per harvest.

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