Shrubs That Grow Fast For Privacy

If you’re looking for a fast-growing shrub for privacy, here are a few recommendations: English ivy, Hydrangea, Clematis, and English laurel. They are all beautiful and offer excellent privacy. Read on to learn more about these fast-growing plants. You’ll have a garden full of privacy before you know it! And don’t forget to check out our list of top shrubs for privacy , so you don’t have to leave your garden.

English ivy

Depending on how fast you want to plant it, the ivy growth routine can vary a little. Young ivy needs moist soil to grow. Don’t allow the soil to dry out, as this will inhibit the growth of the ivy. In addition, it does not do well in excessive sunlight, which may cause sunburns. For best results, keep the soil at about 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

It spreads by rooting along the ground and forming a thick mat between 4 and 8 inches tall. Its aerial rootlets are strong and can climb almost anything. In fact, it can enshroud a 100-foot tree. Eventually, it can shade out many of its leaves, causing the tree to die because of a lack of photosynthesis.

Because it spreads quickly, English ivy is an excellent choice for privacy, as it also purifies the air around your property. While it takes about two years for it to reach its maximum length, it requires some care to promote growth. In fact, English ivy is best planted in shady areas where it is protected from direct sunlight. If you’d like to have some privacy, you can plant the shrub along a fence or on a retaining wall.

Alumroot is another option if you’d like to plant ivy on a fence. This native shrub has a similar function, but does not spread as quickly as English ivy. But alumroot is native to the United States and can be a good alternative if you want some privacy. It can be grown on your fence if you’re careful.

English laurel

If you need privacy, an English Laurel is a great choice for your landscape. This evergreen shrub grows rapidly and can reach up to 40 feet tall, though it does best when grown in a small area. The foliage is bright green, glossy and tolerant of a wide variety of soil conditions. This plant will grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 through 9, and needs a full sun or partial shade location. It tolerates a wide range of soil conditions and is very versatile in landscape design.

The Schip Laurel is another fast growing English laurel shrub. It is suitable for shady and coastal areas. Its dense foliage is attractive and makes it perfect for privacy. If you’re concerned about deer damage, this plant is also a good choice. The Schip Laurel is another fast-growing variety, and it grows tall and thin. The Schip Laurel shrub can tolerate full sun or partial shade.

An English Laurel hedge is a classic fast-growing choice for privacy. It can reach a height of up to 20 feet, and its glossy green leaves contrast beautifully with a neighboring building. It can also be used to form an arch or privacy screen for a suburban yard. An English laurel hedge also can be used as a screen. The dense foliage can block out view of neighboring buildings and create privacy in all seasons.

These plants are hardy and easy to grow. It prefers full sun, but will also grow in partial shade. There are several varieties of clematis available, including Bee’s Jubilee, Vanso, and Betty Corning. Some varieties have large, white flowers that bloom in late summer. They are excellent privacy screens and are drought-tolerant. They require little pruning and minimal winter protection.


If you’re looking for a quick-growing privacy shrub, consider clematis. Their deep leathery leaves provide year-round interest and their flowers have a great fragrance. Clematis grows well in containers and the ground. It’s best to water it an inch a week during the establishing stage and extra water during drought. After blooming, prune back the clematis to maintain its shape.

Enonymus is another plant that grows fast for privacy . This plant is native to Korea and Japan, but has become naturalized in the North American climate. Its small, white flowers bloom in late summer. The plant likes full sun and is adaptable to most types of soil. It is low maintenance and does not need a lot of water, so it’s a great choice for privacy hedges.

The showy evergreen leaves of clematis attract butterflies, which make them an excellent choice as a fast-growing privacy fence. This shrub is best grown in full sun and does well in part shade. However, it cannot tolerate extreme heat. During the growing season, make sure to plant it at least two years old to ensure maximum privacy. For fast-growing privacy, it is best to buy plants that are at least two years old. Ensure that you prune regularly to keep it from getting too crowded.

Clematis is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. They grow about seven to 10 feet and produce beautiful flowers. The blooms are approximately six inches in diameter and smell amazing. Plants of clematis should be two to three years old before they begin blooming. This vine is great for edging around the pool area, as it will obscure the view from the surrounding area.


These gorgeous flowering shrubs add color to the landscape and provide excellent privacy. Although most varieties are deciduous, you can also find evergreen versions. You can pick from a wide variety of flower colors, ranging from white to purple to blue. These fast-growing plants grow to about ten feet tall and three feet wide, and they can be pruned in spring to shape and size.

When planning your landscaping , consider fast-growing shrubs. Some of them can reach over 30 feet in height and six feet in width. Some shrubs grow up to two feet per year and should be planted 8 to 12 feet apart to maximize privacy. You can choose between fast-growing varieties that are perfect for your landscape and location. If you have a small garden, you might want to consider a privacy hedge instead.


If you want a fence that provides privacy , consider Pyracantha. Its white spring blooms and bright orange winter berries make it an excellent choice. This evergreen shrub is hardy in zones four through eight, and it will reach a height of 10 feet or more. This fast-growing shrub can be trained into a trellis or vine eye to provide privacy. Its prickly leaves and berries provide year-round color and beauty to your landscape.

The variety ‘Red Cushion’ is prized for its low growth and good habit of growing along the base of walls. ‘Flava’ features arching growth and produces profusions of small yellow berries in autumn. ‘Orange Glow’ is a more upright variety that bears bright red berries. This shrub also attracts bees and birds and is highly disease-resistant.

The berries on a prickly pyracantha are edible, but they are extremely bitter. Despite this, the berries are a favorite food for birds. If you’re not a big fan of birds, you can still enjoy the privacy these bushes can provide. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can install wire fencing to cover the fence. If you don’t want to put up a fence, pyracantha is an excellent choice.

Another fast-growing shrub that will add instant impact to your garden is the skip laurel. This evergreen shrub can be grown as a single accent or as a group hedge. Its fast growth allows you to fill gaps with lush foliage and beautiful flowers in a short time. It is easy to grow, fits most soil types, and provides privacy with minimal effort. It also looks great as a hedge.

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