Why Is My Cactus Turning Yellow?

Cactus comes in more than 2500 varieties with different shapes, colors and textures. It is primarily considered a desert plant but it is a popular choice for home plants as well. The cactus plant has relatively low maintenance. Have you seen your Cactus truing yellow and eventually die? Have you tried everything to prevent your … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Not Growing? (Causes + How To Fix)

Cactus belong to the succulent family which are naturally slow-growing plants. But cactus is the slowest among all. If you ever had cactus you would be familiar with this. Most people panic when they notice no growth in their cactus. Cactus plant growth is invisible as it grows only an inch tall in a year. … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Shrinking? (Causes + How To Fix)

Cactus make wonderful houseplants due to their durability and low maintenance. People get cactus for their homes because they don’t have to care much for it. This is where you get wrong. Cactus though a low rough and tough plant, requires care and maintenance as other plants. The only difference is its distinctive properties as … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Drooping? (Causes + How To Fix)

Cactus are wonderful houseplants that don’t require much attention. Being a desert plant and part of the succulent family it has organs that store water. One of its fascinating properties is that it is not affected by small issues. But sometimes its branches start to get floppy and saggy. When you notice your Cactus getting … Read more