Low Maintenance Small Shrubs For Front of House

Low-maintenance small shrubs for the front of house are an excellent way to add curb appeal without spending much money. You can choose from a wide range of species and varieties, and they don’t require a complicated maintenance schedule. You can find shrubs for the front of your house that will require little to no maintenance, such as Weigelas or Camellias. You can also plant a single flowering shrub, such as a single Azalea, if you want to create a dramatic impact.


This evergreen bush is a good choice for a front yard hedge. Its foliage is dark green year-round. Its flowers bloom in the spring. It is hardy and requires minimal maintenance. This shrub thrives in zones four to eight and can grow to three to four feet tall. Its blooms are scented. If you’d like to keep the plant low-maintenance, you can plant a cluster of Loropetalum bushes around the house.

You can prune the Loropetalum to shape it in the shape of a hedge. It responds well to pruning, so do not be afraid to make cuts in the spring. While it does respond well to pruning, you should leave the plant’s natural form if you’d like to change the shape of it in the future. A few light trims each year will help maintain its natural shape.

This evergreen plant is suitable for a front yard as it has a low-maintenance nature and produces dark purple foliage throughout the year. The flowers bloom in the spring, so it makes a great choice if you’d like a little privacy. Junipers are another good choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance shrub . Junipers are also low-growing, and they produce berries throughout the fall. Lilacs, however, are taller, showy shrubs and are best planted in shaded areas.


A popular flowering plant, camellias are great for the front of the house. These plants require little maintenance and will produce vibrant blooms that add cheer to your yard during cooler months. They are native to the U.S., from Virginia to Florida. They can be grown in a wide variety of soil conditions and can be planted just about anywhere. They bloom from October to April, and require little to no pruning.

A camellia is best suited for areas that do not experience a lot of wind. Camellias need little water and are known for shading their roots. Make sure to choose a plant that is naturally tall . If you decide to prune it, remove its lower branches, but leave the upright stems intact. Remember to keep the strongest stems. This shrub is very low maintenance and can withstand the heat of summer.

Another great benefit of camellias is their blooming time. Most camellia varieties bloom non-stop from fall into early spring. They are available in a wide variety of colors, from simple whites to full-blown peony-like blooms. Camellias are low-maintenance, shade-loving plants and can be grown in either the front or back of the house. For optimal blooming and foliage color, plant camellias in the shade or partially shaded locations.


Weigela is a hardy and easy-to-grow shrub, which requires minimal maintenance. It requires no dividing, deadheading, or watering. A few varieties, such as Sonic Bloom, will even reflower throughout the growing season. A small shrub is a great choice for framing the front of a house. Its beauty makes it a popular choice for front-of-house planting.

Weigela can grow between 3 to 15 feet tall. Weigela florida grows beautifully in full sun and tolerates a little shade. It can be pruned after flowering to maintain a neat shape. The flowers are unscented, but stand out against the light green foliage. Depending on its variety, you can prune it after flowering to reduce the amount of flowers it produces.

If you’re looking for a shrub to grow on the front of your house that looks beautiful and doesn’t need much work, try the dwarf spirea. It grows to a height of three to four feet and needs moist, acidic soil. As it matures, it handles all conditions well, and its small size makes it a perfect choice for container planting. These plants look good planted together or alone and will create a beautiful landscape. You can even purchase varieties that change color as winter approaches. This will attract butterflies and bees to your yard.

A Weigela is a low-maintenance shrub that thrives in zones four to eight. It grows to three to four feet in height and is drought-tolerant. It grows to around three to four feet, but will eventually spread to fill a small garden. These low-maintenance shrubs can be planted alone or as borderlines with other shrubs. When it comes to pruning, Smoketree is not a desirable option at the early stages.


If you want to plant a beautiful flowering plant on the front of your house without too much work, azaleas are a great choice. These plants come in thousands of different varieties and can be trimmed to shape and height. Because their roots are shallow, they are easy to transplant and dig up. Besides, they don’t require much water, which makes them great for low maintenance front of house landscaping. Azaleas also bloom in summer, which makes them a perfect choice for partially shaded areas. When you prune these plants, you are removing the blooms that will be blooming next spring.

Azaleas are a perennial flowering shrub that thrives in moist, well-drained soil. They also prefer acidic soil. They require very little pruning, but they do require some soil acidification. Azaleas need a pH of 5.5 or less, and they should be fertilized after the bloom in spring. Fertilization should not be continued after October 1 because the flower buds will fall off before the flowers open.

Another low-maintenance plant for the front of house is the spirea, which is a popular, drought-tolerant shrub that will grow to about two feet in height. These shrubs thrive in areas with moderate to high rainfall, and they need partial shade or constant moisture to stay healthy and bloom. In addition, a spirea is very low-maintenance, and will give you flowers throughout the entire year.

Japanese yew

The Japanese yew, also called sevenbark, is an excellent choice for the front of your home. It has a dense, needle-like foliage that turns reddish-green in the winter. It is a low-maintenance small shrub that thrives in most soil types and is deer-resistant. Japanese yew is a low-maintenance small shrub for front of house.

This evergreen plant can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions and is suitable for both partial shade and full sun. While yews grow well in shade, they do not tolerate poor soil drainage, as it will cause the roots to rot. They prefer a neutral pH and moderate soil moisture, and they tolerate short periods of drought and overwatering. However, they do require regular watering.

The Japanese yew is a stunning low-maintenance choice for the front of your house. It is a dense, columnar shrub that grows between three and four feet tall and does not require much pruning. Japanese yew is an attractive low-maintenance plant that looks stunning even in winter. You can enjoy the blooms from late spring until fall and it doesn’t get naked at the bottom.

The ‘Bright Gold’ Japanese yew is a shade-loving shrub that grows four to six feet high and up to seven feet wide. It can be used as a ground cover or as a shrub border. It grows slowly and has a natural unkempt look. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance small shrub for the front of your house, try the Japanese yew.

Bottlebrush Buckeye

If you want a low maintenance flowering shrub for the front of your house, bottlebrush buckeye is a great choice. It has attractive, conical white flowers that bloom in the spring and summer and can grow to be up to 12 feet tall. This plant can be planted in the garden or as a small hedge. It doesn’t require any pruning. It also thrives in zones 4 through 8.

The low-maintenance, winter-flowering shrub is known as a witch hazel. The yellow flowers are tiny and appear on branches that are bare in the winter. The leaves are attractive and the fragrance is sweet. This low-maintenance shrub can be planted in part shade or full sun. Its evergreen foliage is attractive in both the winter and summer. Hellebores have beautiful, understated yellow flowers.

Another low-maintenance shrub for the front of house is the summersweet clethra. This deciduous shrub is a native of the eastern US. It is hardy to -30 degrees F and tolerates average to wet soil. It produces blue-purple flowers in spring and attracts butterflies and white doves to its branches. It has many varieties, including dwarf varieties, such as ‘Crystalina’.

Another low-maintenance small shrub for front of house is the mountain laurel. It is a native deciduous shrub that grows to a height of about 15 feet. It has pale pink flowers that bloom in late winter or early spring. This plant grows slowly and is tolerant of partial shade. In addition to being low-maintenance, mountain laurel is deer-resistant.

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