Fastest Growing Privacy Tree

If you are looking for a fast-growing privacy tree that will also provide you with lush privacy protection, you have several choices. Leyland Cypress, Green Giant, Virescens, Wax Myrtle, and many others are available at various rates and maturity levels. Choosing the right one for your property is essential for planting success. The following are tips on choosing the fastest-growing privacy tree for your property.

Leyland Cypress

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance privacy tree , consider planting a Leyland Cypress. This low-maintenance evergreen boasts feathery-soft leaves that stay green all year. It grows three to five feet per year and is drought-tolerant. Its shape is symmetrical and the dense canopy provides privacy, while keeping noise out. Even if you live in a crowded city, you’ll be able to enjoy the view of your neighbor’s busy street without bothering neighbors.

A Leyland Cypress is a fast-growing privacy tree that will keep your yard private. It grows uniformly in a uniform shape and doesn’t require any pruning. This type of privacy tree is also popular in areas where the climate is dry and hot. In addition to Leyland Cypress, there are many other fast-growing trees that are cold-tolerant. Cryptomeria Radicans, Wax Myrtles, and Carolina Sapphire Cypress will thrive in Zone 7.

The Murray Cypress is another fast-growing privacy tree. Its rapid growth rate can reach four feet per year, and it matures at thirty to forty feet tall and a base diameter of 10 feet. Its cold tolerance makes it a good choice for zones five through nine, but be aware that it’s not the fastest-growing tree. In addition, a Thuja can’t tolerate high levels of salinity in the soil.

Green Giant

Thuja Green Giant is one of the fastest growing trees, reaching a height of twenty to thirty feet in fifteen years. Its textured, feathery foliage makes it an attractive specimen tree. Thuja is drought-tolerant and resistant to insect infestations. This fast-growing tree can survive in a wide range of soil conditions, but thrives in a full sun or part-shade environment. Planting it in rows of about six feet apart will ensure that your trees are well-spaced to create a dense barrier.

The fastest-growing variety of the Green Giant Arborvitae originated in a Danish nursery and was planted at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. in the 1960s. Its large size and rapid growth were noticed by scientists, who conducted DNA tests. The tree’s parentage was a hybrid between Japanese and Western red cedar. In addition to its fast growth, the “Green Giant” has several distinctive features, including a massive trunk and root system.

The Green Giant Thuja is a fast-growing arborvitae that grows three to four feet a year. In humid areas, it grows better than Leyland cypress, and is easier to maintain. It also has excellent deer resistance. English laurel is one of the fastest-growing evergreens for privacy and fast-growing foliage. It grows about two to three feet a year and is one of Kantor’s top choices.


Virescens is an upright, narrow pyramidal tree that grows between 20 and 30 feet tall, and nine to twelve feet wide. The leaves of Virescens are glossy dark green and hold their color year-round. Its narrow, feathery foliage adds seasonal interest to a landscape. It’s a great choice for privacy and screening. You can plant Virescens alone as a landscape specimen or as a dense, large-leaf hedge.

Thuja plicata ‘Virescens’ grows best in moist, well-drained soils. This fast-growing privacy tree is native to the Pacific Northwest. Its growth rate is two feet per year and requires pruning twice a year. Its glossy foliage provides a great home for birds. Its non-invasive habit makes it a great choice for homeowners in a wide range of climates.

Thuja Virescens can be difficult to grow in dry regions, but once established, it is a hardy evergreen that will stand up to deer and insects. Thuja Virescens grows from one to two feet per year and can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. It is also a low-maintenance privacy tree. A dense, fast-growing hedge is the perfect choice for home privacy .

Thuja Virescens is among the best-performing trees for privacy. The trees are deer-resistant and low-maintenance. They also don’t cause damage to your property and can help you hide in plain sight. A great choice for privacy screens, privacy walls, and even a hedge, Thuja Virescens grows fast and is a beautiful addition to your landscape.

Wax Myrtle

The Wax Myrtle is a fast-growing native small tree or shrub that is found from New Jersey on the Atlantic coast to eastern Texas along the Gulf of Mexico. It is also found in the Caribbean islands and Central America in zones 7-11. This evergreen tree prefers moist, humus-rich soil but will adapt to other conditions such as sand. It has a bay-like scent. Wax myrtle is tolerant of splashing water and salt and prefers soil that stays relatively moist. In coastal areas, it responds well to watering, as it grows well in the wind and sand.

The Wax Myrtle is an excellent choice for a partition. It grows rapidly and can be planted in rows to define property lines or as accents on a front porch. Its fragrant foliage and berries will remain through the winter. It attracts birds and other wildlife and also returns nitrogen to the soil. Insects and other pests dislike it. Wax Myrtle can be grown in pots or containers. The container size should be sufficient to allow water to reach the roots and to provide adequate drainage.

The Wax Myrtle is an adaptable plant and is fast-growing, 15 to 20 feet tall. Its leaves are green and glossy, measuring about one-half to three inches long. The female waxmyrtle plant produces berries that are one-tenth of an inch in diameter and heavily coated in wax. The common Wax Myrtle grows five feet in one growing season.

North privet

A large fast-growing privacy tree, the North privet has thick, green foliage and tends to darken slightly in winter. Perfect as a hedge, screen, or single specimen, this privacy tree can grow to be up to 30 feet high and 25 feet wide. In addition to a dense, green hedge, this tree resists wind, making it a great choice for windbreaks in natural settings.

The North privet can grow up to 15 feet high and four to six feet wide in a few years. This fast-growing privacy tree can be trimmed to keep it at a limited width while adding beauty to a landscape. Its sweet-smelling flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. If you’re looking for a fast-growing privacy tree, look no further than the North privet. Its fast growth can be easily controlled with a pruning tool and can be purchased at any garden center or nursery.

Once established, planting the North privet is easy. Choose a spot with full sun and well-drained soil. Be sure not to plant it too close to buildings or other structures, as the trunk will eventually grow up and overtop. Water regularly and mulch the area. Whether you’re planting a privacy hedge for your yard or landscaping for your front yard, the privet is a great choice.

Pembury Blue

Pembury Blue is the name of a variety of blue conifer, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana. Its elegant silvery-blue foliage makes it a perfect choice for year-round structure or a privacy hedge. This fast-growing plant is compact, reaching 8-10 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide in 10 years. Despite its name, it’s also highly ornamental, attracting butterflies and birds to its dense foliage.

Another fast-growing privacy tree is the Carolina Sapphire Cypress . This conifer grows well in zones 7a and 7b. These trees are hardy in colder regions. They won’t be affected by harsh winters. Other fast-growing privacy trees include Carolina Sapphire (Arizona) Cypress , Cryptomeria Radicans, and Wax Myrtles. However, if you live in a colder area, the Carolina Sapphire (Arizona) Cypress is a great choice.

Pembury Blue has a dense canopy that stretches almost 3 feet tall. Its narrow profile and dense growth habit make it the perfect choice for small yards and tight spaces. Its foliage is soft to the touch and stays green all year long. It’s also deer-resistant. Besides the Pembury Blue, English laurel is another great fast-growing privacy tree. It grows only a few feet per year but is dense and is deer-resistant.

Leyland Cypress is another fast-growing privacy tree. This fast-growing hardwood grows three to four feet per year. At maturity, it’ll reach seventy feet and develop a base spread of twenty feet. Planting Leyland Cypress trees at eight-foot intervals will keep them at the proper spacing. It’s also great for storm-prone areas. It can survive up to a century away.

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