Best Non Toxic Outdoor Plants For Dogs

When you want to add some color to your yard, you might be wondering which outdoor plants are best for dogs. You can choose to grow African violets, Cranesbill, or Creeping phlox. These plants are not toxic to dogs, and are loved by hummingbirds. They grow in zones 3 to 9, prefer partial shade, and … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Winter

If you’re looking for a winter garden plant, the colder months may be the time to consider flowers. Although flowers may be tougher to kill off than evergreens, they’re still susceptible to frost and cold. For best results, plant an evergreen instead. These types of plants can tolerate cold better than most others, and many … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Seattle

In Seattle, it’s possible to grow a number of beautiful and aromatic plants. The Oregon grape, Pacific ninebark, Lewisia, and Red columbine are some of the best. But which ones grow well in Seattle? Let’s explore some of the other plants for your garden. Listed below are some favorites that are sure to make your … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Colorado

Are you looking for the best outdoor plants for Colorado? If so, you have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top four choices for your landscape. These plants come in a variety of colors and textures, and can be mixed together to create a full color palette. Sedum plants thrive … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Arizona

Aloes are stunning succulents native to eastern and southern Africa. Their long-lasting spring flower display attracts hummingbirds, and they come in many forms, including tree forms and small clusters. Their sharp-tipped, reddish-brown leaves have toothed margins. Many species produce offsets. A large variety of aloes are drought-tolerant. Listed below are some of the best outdoor … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Texas

What are the best outdoor plants for Texas? Here are a few recommendations. Consider the following characteristics: Low maintenance, drought tolerant, and attracts butterflies. Which plants are best for texas climates? Which ones are best for our climate? Read on to find out! We’ve listed some of our favorites for your yard, along with descriptions … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Small Pots

Whether you’re planting in a container or hanging basket, you can choose from a variety of outdoor plants for small pots. Consider Camellias, Dogwoods, Dracaenas, and Nigella as the perfect choice for your outdoor space. These plants can survive the heat and humidity of most patios, but they also make excellent pot plants. Listed below … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Protection

Whether you’re looking for some extra protection in your backyard or simply want to add a bit of beauty, some of the best outdoor plants for protection will provide both. Among the best home security plants are the hawthorn. These are beautiful spring flowers that turn to bright red berries in the fall. Despite their … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Home

If you want to impress your loved one with a lovely plant in your home, you might as well make it an orchid flowering plant. It not only looks beautiful but also emits a lovely smell. You could also send her a cactus plant. Cactus are a member of the succulent family and they can … Read more

Best Outdoor Plants For Garden

If you want your garden to attract more wildlife, it’s worth considering plants that are good for deer, rabbits, and butterflies. Consider a yellow-budded perennial, such as a hosta or a fuchsia. These blooms are a magnet for many animals, including deer. And when you’re planting your garden, you’ll enjoy a variety of wildlife-attracting flowers, … Read more