Calathea Orbifolia

Calathea orbifolia, or prayer plant, is native to Bolivia. Generally grown as a houseplant in temperate climates, it is cultivated for its beautiful ornamental leaves. It prefers partial shade, humidity, and good drainage. It grows in a sunny location, but can also tolerate some shade. Here are some basic guidelines for caring for the plant. … Read more

Low-Maintenance Plants For Your Bedroom

The state of health depends on the plant you choose. Choose low-maintenance plants for your bedroom that don’t have a strong fragrance. Consider Chinese evergreens and Parlour palms. Check the color compatibility of flowers with your furniture and furnishings. Look for originality of perennials or Chinese shrubs. You might also want to avoid plants with … Read more

Best Types of Plants For Bedrooms

You may be wondering what plants are the best for your bedroom. Among the best types of plants for bedrooms are Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Rosemary, and Pothos. They are beautiful and low-maintenance and will filter toxins in the air. They prefer indirect light and do not pose a hazard to pets. In addition, they … Read more

Best Plants For Bedroom

If you want to add a little life to your bedroom, consider adding one of the best plants for bedrooms. If you’re considering adding a plant to your bedroom, you’ll want to choose one that can tolerate fluorescent lighting. You’re sure to find a plant that suits your room’s needs. English Ivy This small, heart-shaped … Read more

Best Plants For Bathroom

Aside from traditional houseplants, you can choose to add a tropical flair to your bathroom with a lush plant. There are many different types of plants you can use to decorate your bathroom. From ferns to orchids and Peace Lilies, you can find the perfect plant for your space. Read on to discover some great … Read more