Benefits of Planting Mint

Planting mint in containers has a number of benefits, such as being easy to maintain and flourishing in containers. In addition, mint plants are extremely low-maintenance, and they grow easily in either full or partial sun. The only care required of them is watering. That means that you can harvest your Mint plants regularly. In … Read more

Scientific Benefits of Indoor Plants

There are numerous scientific benefits of indoor plants. These include improving memory, decreasing stress, and increasing humidity. But there’s even more to them. Some plants are genetically engineered to remove particular contaminants from the air. Some research also suggests that indoor plants increase the psychological well-being of their owners. This article will explore some of … Read more

6 Benefits of Indoor Plants

A recent study conducted by researchers from Washington State University has revealed that the presence of indoor plants has a positive effect on blood pressure levels. The participants of the study also felt more attentive in rooms where they had plants. In addition to lowering blood pressure, multiple studies have also shown that the presence … Read more

Mental Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

The mental health benefits of indoor plants are well documented, but how exactly do they work? The physiological mechanism behind this phenomenon is not entirely clear, but a recent study shows that plants can enhance concentration and improve mood during periods of COVID-19 lockdowns. The findings from this study will be discussed in this article. … Read more

Benefits of Indoor Plants

There are numerous benefits of indoor plants. They are known to improve our mood, reduce stress, and lower our anxiety. They can even improve our office performance and focus. Here are some of them: Improving your mood Bringing nature inside can boost your mood. Plants emit outdoorphins, a type of plant hormone that is a … Read more