Best Plants for Office With No Windows

If you’re in an office with no windows, you can still enjoy greenery without the distraction of direct sunlight. There are plenty of low-light plants you can choose from, including Philodendrons and peace lilies . Read on to find the best plants for office with no windows! Listed below are some of the most popular low-light plants for offices, and which ones can you safely keep in your office.

List of Best Plants for Office With No Windows

Cast iron plants

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant for an office with no windows, look no further than the Cast Iron Plant. This low-maintenance plant boasts long, glossy leaves that are tougher than human nails. You don’t even have to worry about fertilizing it since it gets all of its nutrition from the air. Best of all, these plants don’t need windows or ventilation.

These plants require little maintenance and are rarely affected by diseases or pests. However, they are best grown in well-draining soil and will eventually fill out. Another benefit of cast iron plants is their air quality–they’re good at absorbing harmful chemicals from the air. According to a study by NASA, they can absorb up to 92 percent of the toxins in the air. Unlike other plants, cast iron plants are excellent at absorbing airborne pollutants, making them an excellent choice for indoor spaces.

Arrowhead Plant

Another low-light plant that can thrive in an office with no windows is the Arrowhead Plant. This plant needs a trellis or a pole to grow, and it needs very little water. Aside from the great looks of its leaves, these plants require very little maintenance and don’t need repotting every year. The arrowhead plant is a good choice for office space without windows, and it needs very little water.

Peace lilies

One of the easiest indoor plants to grow, peace lilies are a great choice for offices that don’t have windows. Despite their name, peace lilies don’t require much light and do well in fluorescent lighting. Direct sunlight can even burn their leaves! These plants improve the air quality of any room , but they’re also beautiful! Peace lilies also look beautiful, so you can even put them in your office without windows!

To care for your peace lilies, start by feeding them a few times a month. This is important, as peace lilies can get hungry after a month! Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food is an ideal choice for peace lilies because it’s designed to feed indoor plants instantly. You can either mix the food into the soil or spray it on the leaves directly. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle.

To grow a peace lily in an office, choose a place that receives medium light. Because peace lilies can tolerate fluorescent lighting, they can grow in a space with little natural light. However, it’s important to keep in mind that peace lilies don’t like to get direct sunlight. They prefer indirect light, and they will grow in low light conditions as well.

Pothos and Philodendrons

The first thing to keep in mind when planting an office without windows is light. The room should be light, yet not suffocating. However, if there are no windows, pothos is an excellent choice. They can thrive in low light conditions and can be transferred to another office with adequate light. However, if you want a more vibrant plant, you should opt for a philodendron, which has heart-shaped leaves and can survive in partial shade and even full sunlight.

The best part of Philodendrons is that they do not require much water, which makes them perfect for offices that do not have any natural sunlight. They require minimal watering and need to be fertilized only once a month, though this may become necessary at certain times of the year. They are best grown in soil that has a mix of sand and perlite to increase drainage.

Snake plants

If you have an office with no windows, snake plants are an excellent choice. They can grow as tall as 4 feet and thrive in partial or low light conditions, making them ideal for an office without windows. Snake plants should be placed in a place where the light levels aren’t too high.

ZZ plant

A ZZ plant is also a good choice for an office with no windows because it is low-maintenance and doesn’t require frequent watering. This is an excellent choice if you don’t have the time or resources to water plants on a regular basis.

The plant has step-ladder-shaped leaves and can survive in virtually no sunlight. They can also tolerate low lighting conditions and can be easily moved to another room. These plants are low-maintenance and require only weekly watering. Regardless of the type of lighting in your office, you can rest assured that the ZZ plant will thrive in your office.

The ZZ plant looks great in an office without windows. It features thick stems and shiny green leaves. It doesn’t attract pests and doesn’t need a lot of light. This plant can tolerate low light levels, but requires less water than a ZZ plant. When buying a ZZ plant, you should make sure the soil is well-drained, as this will prevent root rot.

Gerbera daisy plants

Gerbera daisies are also great choices for offices because of their variety of colors and their ability to filter the air. They are popular because they can grow in low light and are very low maintenance.

If you don’t have any windows in your office, you can still enjoy beautiful flowers without the help of an artificial plant . A Gerbera Daisy is an excellent plant for this type of office as it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight, and can even thrive in partially shaded areas. Its compact size also means it can fit in many different areas. If you’re looking for a plant for your office, consider hanging Gerbera daisies.

One of the biggest concerns of plant owners is pests. Gerbera Daisies are susceptible to a number of pests, including powdery mildew, so it is important to regularly water them. During the day, they will dry out, so watering in the morning will help prevent the plant from becoming infested. If you don’t water them in the morning, they may end up with wet leaves during colder evenings.


Bamboo palms are great for offices because of their strong roots and can be grown on desks. Bamboo is also known to be a good luck plant as it has a strong root system and can expel evil spirits.

English ivy

If your office doesn’t have windows, consider English ivy as a beautiful wall plant. Its delicate, heart-shaped leaves are reminiscent of birds’ feet. It requires medium light and average water. You can wrap its tendrils around a wire obelisk to provide extra visual interest. It is a poisonous plant, so you should take extra precautions to ensure your office is free of pets.

There are many types of English ivy. You can choose from miniature varieties like Midget, Needlepoint, and Parsley Crested. You can also select ivy that has a white spathe, a fan shape, or a ruffled or rippled leaf. You can also choose from an oddity such as Shamrock, which has unusually bushy growth.

Insect pests are also common with ivy, but you can prevent infestations from occurring by carefully pruning off any infested areas. Most varieties of ivy root easily in water. To avoid insect damage, be sure to keep the plant in a cool place, and keep the humidity level in the room moderate. A slightly cooler nighttime temperature is ideal for ivy. You can also use artificial lights to give the plant the needed light.

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