Best Plants For Office Desk With No Windows

If your office has no windows, you might be wondering what kinds of plants will grow well without sunlight. Here are some of the best plants for an office desk with no windows : Aloe Vera, Spider plant, Peacock daisy, and Gerbera daisy. You may also want to try the Baby Rubber Plant. It grows to about 10 feet long and has green leaves. These plants are not hardy and require weekly watering.

Aloe vera

There are many indoor plants for your desk, but if your space has no windows, an aloe plant is the perfect choice. This plant can tolerate low light and bounce back after weeks without watering. These plants have long stems and require medium to bright indirect light. Aloe plants are also known to help with minor skin conditions and are good air purifiers. A few things to remember when buying an office plant :

Philodendrons: These are easy to maintain, especially if you put them in a water vase. Philodendrons are also great for low light environments. You can also get a silver vine, which grows well in water vases. The silver vine is an excellent indoor plant and does not require much care. It does require a little indirect light, but it is worth the effort!

Pothos: Another great plant for your office desk is pothos. They do best in moderate light and can even grow in decorative glass. Aloe plants cannot sit in water because their leaves are fleshy and should be completely dry before being hydrated. Pothos also do well in moderate light and can be bought with vines. Jade is a low light variety that requires very little light, but still has attractive solid green foliage.

Lucky bamboo: Another eye-catching office plant, the lucky bamboo has interesting stems and looks great on a work desk. This east Asian plant can tolerate low light and moderate shade. The leaves and stems of the lucky bamboo plant will add decor to the space. Lucky bamboo should be placed in a small dish of water near the desk, and indirect sunlight is ideal. This plant can grow in a pot in your office with no windows if it is kept in a pot in your office.

Spider plants

For office desks with no windows, consider a Spider Plant. This plant will provide you with a touch of greenery with its profuse arching leaves. The plant will look great in a hanging pot, too. Water it when the top soil is dry. Spider plants also require little care and maintenance. They need little light, but are hardy and thrive in low light environments. They need only occasional watering and are relatively low-maintenance.

If you have a windowless office, you can buy a Spider Plant and hang it in the corner. It is easy to care for and has heart-shaped leaves, making it an ideal plant for a cubicle. English ivy requires average light and requires little water, but its tendrils can be wrapped around a metal obelisk for a dramatic effect. For an even more striking effect, you can use an English ivy climbing plant. It grows slowly in indirect light, but is quite beautiful.

Pothos is another low-maintenance office plant. It grows long, wavy vines, and requires little water. These plants can thrive under fluorescent lights , too. Because they need little light to grow, they are ideal for desks without windows. They are easy to maintain and look great in small pots. However, they are also a great option for office desks with no windows. Once you’ve found the perfect plant, you’ll have a new office-plant that will brighten up your day.

If you’d rather have a low-light office desk, consider adding a Rubber Plant. These plants are hardy and adaptable, so you can easily take care of them without worrying about their health. They require weekly watering and require little maintenance. However, they do need more sunlight than other desk plants . Its leaves are a vibrant shade of green and it produces white flowers. When properly cared for, these plants can last for years with little maintenance.

Peacock daisy

If you have no windows at your office desk, you can still enjoy nature while working. You can use a plant like a peacock daisy to liven up the space. Although peacock plants are quite difficult to care for, they are popular for offices. They thrive in indirect light and produce colorful leaves. To make them grow well, be sure to water them regularly and maintain consistent temperatures.

Another plant that looks great in an office is the bamboo palm. This is a symbol of prosperity in Japanese culture. Bamboo is a strong plant with a long root system that helps it repel evil spirits. Not only is bamboo big and colorful, but it also does not require much care. Gerbera daisies look great on an office desk and have many benefits for both the plant and the person working in it. They also filter the air and help eliminate carcinogens.

If you have a windowless office, you can try hanging a peacock daisy from the ceiling. The plant will add a beautiful pop of color and life to your workspace. You can also place a peace lily or peacock daisy near the door. Since these plants need indirect light, they do well in offices. As long as you keep them out of direct sunlight, you’ll be able to enjoy them all year round.

Another low-maintenance plant that you can use for an office desk is the pothos plant. This is a great choice because it doesn’t require too much water. The leaves of this plant are attractive even when kept in a pot without a window. Unlike other plants, this plant doesn’t need much sunlight . And it still grows quickly. It’s also very easy to transplant so it won’t take up much space.

Gerbera daisy

A vibrant, low-maintenance plant for office desks is the Gerbera daisy. The flowering Gerbera daisy prefers 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is capable of flowering in temperatures lower than this, but avoid over-watering it. Gerbera daisies are prone to heat stress, so they shouldn’t be planted in direct afternoon sun. Planting the Gerbera daisy in a pot with adequate drainage is ideal. You should also cut the plant’s blooms after it blooms. Make sure to buy a pot with drainage holes and a rich, moist soil. You can plant only one Gerbera daisy in a pot, but you’ll be happy that you did.

If there are no windows in your office, a Gerbera daisy is the best option. Not only does it add color to your office, but it also filters air, removing carcinogens. In addition to its beauty, the Gerbera daisy requires very little maintenance and will thrive for years to come. The Gerbera daisy is a good plant for an office desk with no windows because it is easy to care for and comes in various colors.

If you have a desk that doesn’t have windows, consider purchasing a Gerbera daisy with a window. This flower looks great on a desk and can be placed near a sunny window for added brightness. It thrives well in bright indirect light, but direct sunlight may be too harsh for the plant. Gerberas are also susceptible to fungus gnats, so they need a place with good air circulation.

Another option for a windowless office is a pothos plant. This indoor plant will grow long and lush and add color to your workspace. A pothos plant will not require as much light as a Gerbera daisy. However, it will bring in fresh air and help your office look better. This plant will bloom for up to two months without sunlight. And despite its name, it can tolerate a variety of light conditions.


Those with an office desk that is without windows should consider buying a pothos plant. This easy-to-care-for plant has heart-shaped leaves that are green and variegated. It will tolerate a low amount of light, so it’s an excellent choice for office desks that don’t have windows. Pothos can grow up to 20 feet tall and have a wide range of foliage colors and patterns. Some varieties even have yellow green leaves!

Those without windows can also consider purchasing a snake plant. This plant thrives with very little light and does not require much room. Its leaves will grow upward, so you can place it on a desk without taking up much room. Another excellent choice is a spider plant, also known as Sansevieria trifasciata. Both of these plants will require little maintenance and are excellent windowless desk plants.

Another good plant for office desks without windows is an Aglaonema. This plant can tolerate low to medium light levels . Its foliage will be attractive to both you and your co-workers. And if your office doesn’t have windows, you can choose from a variety of colours. Beginners should opt for the dark green variety, which requires the least amount of light.

Snake Plants are excellent plants for office desks without windows because they are beginner-friendly and low-maintenance. They grow slowly, so you can enjoy their beauty without the hassles of caring for a plant. Pothos also do well in low-light conditions , and most varieties do not require much maintenance. So, regardless of your level of plant-care, snake plants are the perfect desk plant for you.

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