Best Plants for Bathrooms Without Windows

If you’re looking for a way to add beauty to your bathroom, a plant can do just that. Here are some great options, including the Boston fern, the Sansevieria plant, and Aloe vera. If you’re unsure of which type to choose, consider air plants, which don’t need soil. Air plants thrive in indirect light and humid environments. You can keep them in a seashell, glass vase, or wall-mounted basket. Here are more plants that you can keep in your bathroom without windows.

List of Best Plants for Bathrooms Without Windows

Aloe vera

You can grow an aloe plant in your bathroom without windows. This plant grows well in bathrooms with low light and high humidity. Its leaves are also great for soothing dry skin. Unlike other plants that need a lot of water, aloe doesn’t require soil. Instead, it simply requires moisture and some amount of light. It is also not as fussy about the amount of humidity as other plants do.

Chinese Evergreen

If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, you can also try a Chinese Evergreen. This plant has striking leaves and a white bloom in the middle. It does well in low light, and you can plant it on your window sill for extra impact. The leaves are heart-shaped and trail down the wall.

When choosing a plant for your bathroom , keep in mind that not all plants do well in low light. Those that do are best placed near a window, on top of a shelf, or in the space between. If you don’t have a window, you can consider using a full-length mirror in your bathroom to reflect natural light. In addition to the mirror, a full-length mirrored door is also a good option.

Boston fern

If you have a windowless bathroom, you’re out of luck. If you want to add color to your bathroom, you can choose a Boston fern. This plant needs high light levels and humidity, so make sure to put it in a window or near a shower to receive ample amounts of sunlight. This plant is also pet-friendly, which means it can tolerate some degree of damage.

If you can’t install a window in your bathroom, a Boston fern might be the best option. A Boston fern needs high humidity and indirect light, but it can tolerate low temperatures if placed in a windowless bathroom. Another option for bathroom plants without windows is an ivy plant. Its trailing leaves can be an excellent way to decorate your bathroom without a window.

Monstera plant

The size of the bathroom is important when choosing a Monstera plant for bathrooms without windows. In a large bathroom, a monstera will be unobtrusive, but in a tiny bathroom, it can turn the bathroom into a veritable urban jungle. For small bathrooms, you should focus on unusual plants.

If you’re not able to add windows to the bathroom, consider a Monstera plant. Monstera deliciosa (sometimes called a Swiss cheese plant) does well in low-light conditions, but it’s also tolerant of added humidity. Choose a location where it receives bright indirect light. If you don’t have windows, it will grow slowly and develop fewer of its characteristic leaf slits or perforations.

While the temperature in your bathroom is generally warm, you may still want to add some extra light to your room. You can buy grow-lights and set them to stay on for a minimum of 12 hours each day. Make sure to set a timer so you can monitor the amount of light the plant gets. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, the temperature will be the same as the temperature in your living room.

Snake Plant

This plant has colorful, spiked leaves and is sometimes known as the “mother-in-law’s tongue.” Its foliage can make bathrooms feel more welcoming and are a good choice for bathroom without windows because it tolerates low light and frequent cleaning. Its alternate name is “the mother-in-law’s tongue.”

If you have a bathroom with no windows, the humidity inside can make plants less tolerant. Plants that need lower light like Snake plants thrive in low humidity. You can also buy low-lighting bulbs to give your plants more natural light . Don’t overwater your plants in the bathroom; they’ll appreciate less water than other plants. Also, be sure to rotate them to sunny windows to give them more sunlight.

Snake Plants are great for bathrooms. Because they grow in stiff spears with white or yellow edges, snake plants thrive in bathrooms without windows. They prefer a cool, consistent temperature and well-draining soil. They can survive in fluorescent and indirect lights, and even under low light. You can even use artificial lights to help them grow. They will grow well if you add a small aquarium full of water.

English ivy

There are a few plants that will thrive in a bathroom without a window. English ivy is one of them, as its long, trailing vines will cling to bathroom windowsills. If space is a concern, you can even plant English ivy in a hanging basket.

The English ivy is a beautiful wall plant that can be kept in a bathroom without a window, although it requires light to bloom.

English ivy is one of the easiest houseplants to maintain, and it grows well in a bathroom. It can be trained to grow up a moss stick, or even a trellis if conditions are right. This houseplant can survive in a room without windows and has a very low maintenance cost. Its foliage is also a good indicator of humidity. If you’re concerned about how much humidity it gets, you can water it frequently.

Peace lily

Another great plant for a bathroom without a window is peace lily. It requires very little light and thrives in both bright and dim lighting conditions. It grows well in hanging planters and will thrive in low to moderate light. And unlike many other plants, it won’t mind being in a bathroom that doesn’t have windows, since it doesn’t need direct sunlight to grow.


This versatile plant is suitable for low-light conditions and is known to purify the air. It grows well in almost any soil type, including sandy soil. Its variegated leaves are especially beautiful. It also grows in water, but needs to be kept in a moist environment. If you don’t have access to a window in your bathroom, you can opt for this plant. It requires minimal care and watering, and thrives in poor lighting.

A peace lily is a great choice for a bathroom without windows. Although this plant grows well in low-light conditions, it requires moderate light. Also, the soil should be kept dry between waterings.

Golden pothos

Golden pothos, on the other hand, is an easy plant to care for. Its long, vine-like stems and glossy leaves make it a perfect houseplant for a bathroom without a window.

It is an excellent vine plant that can be grown in hanging baskets in the living room. Because of its preference for low-light conditions, it is the best plant for bathrooms without windows. It can trail from a high shelf in the bath area and can tolerate low light. It needs to be watered as needed. Pothos does not need supplemental light and prefers humid conditions.

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