Best Flowers For Sympathy

There are many choices of flowers for sympathy, but a selection of Carnations, Lilies, Orchids, Chrysanthemums, and other classic flowers is always appropriate. These beautiful blooms are beautiful and eloquent ways to express your feelings and support. They also come in various colors and types, including white, pink, and purple. A selection of beautiful plants and potted hydrangeas can be a thoughtful gesture. Moreover, most of these can be planted in the garden once the family is ready, and can continue to bloom for years.


When sending flowers to a funeral, carnations are the ideal choice. This flower symbolizes remembrance and gratitude, and some believe they come from the word “incarnation” meaning God in the flesh. White carnations are traditionally given to mourners, and red carnations are symbolic of love. A sympathy floral arrangement with carnations is a classic choice, and the flowers can be sent directly to the funeral home.

While other flowers are available to send to the bereaved, carnations stand out amongst sympathy arrangements because of their long-lasting beauty and rich fragrance. A posy of red carnations can be arranged into a heart-shaped arrangement with a matching bow. This arrangement is suitable for both memorials and funerals. For a more personal touch, you can send a sympathy bouquet in another color or style, such as pink or purple.


While there are many types of flowers suitable for sympathy arrangements, orchids are a popular choice. Orchids have various meanings and can be ordered in many colors. Red carnations express love, while pink or white orchids reflect remembrance. The traditional colors for sympathy arrangements are white and pink. If you want to express your sympathy with another type of flower, you can order a mixed bouquet of different types of flowers.

Phalaenopsis orchids are appropriate to deliver at a funeral service. They last longer than other plants and symbolize love and affection for the deceased. They can also represent peace and respect. When sent over an earthen clay pot, double stemmed orchids represent admiration and respect. They are a beautiful choice for sympathy arrangements, and can be delivered to the deceased’s residence, funeral home, or grave site.


When sending flowers to a bereaved family, lilies are a fitting choice. Although often associated with funerals and times of loss, they are also symbolic of the rebirth of a loved one’s spirit. In Christian traditions, lilies are a symbol of resurrection and convey the idea of renewed innocence for the departed. In a funeral or memorial service, lilies may also be appropriate as they signify a new chapter in a loved one’s life.

A funeral or sympathy arrangement can be made of several types of flowers. Lilies, for example, are often used for funerals, but gladioli can also be used. The gladioli’s tall stem makes it a perfect choice for fan sprays. They are beautiful and represent sincerity and moral integrity. Lilies are available in a wide range of colours, including white. Another popular choice for sympathy arrangements are carnations. The white variety is a symbol of pure love.


When buying chrysanthemums, consider the meaning of each flower. In some cultures, chrysanthemums are a symbol of death. In Europe, they are used only in funerals. In Asia, they are often symbolic of life and rebirth. In the US, however, they are often given as gifts for birthdays and baby showers. They are also traditionally associated with honor, as they symbolize truth and are used in funerals.

In America, chrysanthemums are widely used to express support and encouragement. They are used in funeral flower arrangements to express sympathy and honor. While they are traditionally given in funerals, in Europe and Asia, they are more often placed on graves. Because they are so widely available in different hues, you can select the right one to express your feelings. If you aren’t sure, try giving a combination of colors, such as white and yellow.

Lilies symbolize innocence

The name Lily comes from the Greek word “Calla” which means beauty. Lilies symbolize innocence and purity and have been associated with the ancient Goddess Hera. The Greek god Zeus wanted to give his son Hercules godly powers, so he brought Hera a baby to nurse from her while she slept. Zeus was displeased when Hera pushed the baby away, and Hercules landed on earth. Hercules was subsequently named Hercules, and the calla lilies bloomed at the birth of Hercules. The lily also symbolizes the goddess Venus. Roman mythology says that Venus saw the pure white blossoms of Calla lilies and became jealous.

There are many different types of lilies, and they are very popular in springtime. The Oriental lily has large trumpet-shaped blooms, while the Asiatic lily has small, trumpet-shaped flowers. Trumpet lilies are tall and slender with flowers seven or eight inches across. The African Queen is a trumpet-shaped hybrid with a strong fragrance. There are also several hybrids of the lily, such as the Stargazer and the Asian Queen.

Lilies symbolize remembrance

There are many beautiful types of lilies to choose from when you are considering the right type of sympathy flower to send. Lilies are a popular flower choice for sympathy flowers because they represent purity, rebirth and radiance of the soul. They are commonly associated with funeral services and can help you show your sympathy by sending the Stargazer lily or the Oriental lily.

Besides roses and carnations, other flowers that are popular for sympathy arrangements include lilies. White lilies are common at funerals because they symbolize purity. While yellow lilies are often inappropriate for a funeral, pink ones are more appropriate. Their pink petals convey feelings of love, compassion, and femininity. Carnations are also popular sympathy flowers. Red carnations express admiration, while white ones represent remembrance and pure love.


When someone dies, flowers are often the first thing we think of. A flower can be a symbol of many different emotions, including grief, love, and gratitude. White roses are often given in sympathy because of their purity and innocence, while a yellow rose is often sent to express friendship or sincerity. However, no matter the color, roses make great sympathy gifts. Whether you’re sending flowers to mourn a death or to show your support, all roses are appropriate.

When sending roses to express your deep sympathy, choose a color that matches the deceased’s personality and taste. White roses represent purity, while deep red roses express grief and love. Yellow roses represent gratitude and a special friendship. Roses are a traditional choice for sympathy flowers, but you can mix and match with other flowers to make them a unique and personalized tribute. Orchids represent “I love you forever.” If you can afford it, buy a whole orchid plant and send it instead of a single rose. They will last longer and look just as beautiful.

Lilies symbolize love

The lily is a classic flower, yet it has several meanings. These flowers can symbolize love and sympathy, as well as femininity. Its use as a flower in funerals is particularly meaningful, as it represents the goddess of love. Other reasons why lilies are used in funerals are their association with fertility and procreation. In Chinese culture, they are often associated with sympathy. Lilies also represent purity of the soul, and they have a special meaning for a deceased loved one.

The most traditional flower for funerals is the lily . White lilies symbolize sympathy and are associated with innocence. While yellow lilies may not be appropriate, lilies in a white vase symbolize majesty, love, and femininity. Carnations, another popular choice, are also traditional for sympathy arrangements. While red carnations symbolize admiration, white carnations stand for love.


The use of lilies during funerals has its own traditions. These beautiful, fragrant flowers are associated with rebirth and the afterlife. Lilies are a traditional funeral flower, with white lilies symbolizing purity and sympathy. Stargazer and Oriental lilies represent rebirth, while the Calla lily symbolizes friendship. These beautiful flowers also serve as a second wedding anniversary flower .

Lilies can also represent fertility and femininity. Their meaning may have roots in the myth of Hera. Zeus fathered a son with a mortal woman named Hera. The woman took the baby to Zeus and was tricked into feeding it as her own. Hera threw him to the ground, and from his breast milk spilled out, lilies grew.

Carnations symbolize admiration

Many people choose carnations to send as sympathy flowers. While they are commonly associated with pure love, carnations also symbolize admiration and loyalty. White carnations are the appropriate color to send to a funeral. They express pure sentiment and are a perfect choice for a child’s funeral. Carnations are also appropriate for funeral sprays and wreaths. These flowers have a long history, and have a wide range of meanings.

Historically, carnations were known as dianthus, which derived from two Greek words for ‘god’. In Roman times, carnations were often used as headpieces. Their colours reflect this, and many varieties are available. Learn more about carnations’ meanings and characteristics below. They represent admiration, distinction, and deep love. They also have deep religious associations.

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