Best Fall Flowers For Wedding

There are plenty of fall flowers for your wedding that are sure to make a statement. Peonies, for instance, are coveted for their sweet fragrance and lush appearance. The flower heads are layered with petals and make for an impressive display. Silver dollar eucalyptus has round blue leaves and complements muted fall colors. Other options include Juliet roses and Camellias. For more ideas, check out this guide to fall wedding flower bouquets.


The beauty of sunflowers as wedding flowers is their versatility. They can work well in a rustic, classic or farm-themed aesthetic. Sunflowers have a wide range of colors and can be used on a variety of items including cake, bouquets, centerpieces and wedding favors. They can also be used on cupcakes! For a wedding on a farm, sunflowers can be grown in the home and used on the reception table.

Adding sunflowers to your wedding bouquet is a unique way to play off of the warm colors of fall. They add a pop of marigold to your bouquet, and can look beautiful in an organic bundle of wildflowers. Be sure to leave the stems bare and tie them securely with a string. When it comes to sunflowers, opt for those with a bright yellow color as these will look natural in a bouquet. As always, organic tones will look best.

Sunflowers are one of the most iconic flowers for fall weddings. They are ideal for creating a dramatic asymmetrical arrangement and are versatile enough to be used with other flowers. Sunflowers are also a classic, if uncomplicated choice for wedding flowers. However, the most unique aspect of sunflowers as fall flowers for weddings is their ability to be incorporated into a variety of arrangements.


When it comes to flowers for fall weddings, there are a few choices you might like to consider. Camellias are one of the most popular and easy-to-care-for flower varieties, with blooms that last for months. Their foliage is also attractive and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about them wilting in your arrangements. These gorgeous blooms are available from September through November.

Other flowers available in the fall are the late-summer blooms. These include cosmos and garden roses. These flowers can also be a great fall flower alternative , as they’re in peak bloom in the fall. If you don’t have the budget to buy peonies in full bloom, you might consider camellias as a fall flower substitute. However, be sure to check availability before choosing your flowers.

Then there’s the ranunculus. A beautiful bloom, this variety has long stems and fragrant petals. These flowers pair well with other blooms, such as roses and peonies. The sunflower is also a great option for late summer or early fall weddings. They’re perfect for boutonnieres and will stand up to the cool weather. A little wildflower isn’t too bad, as it blooms throughout the late summer and early fall.


Amaranthus flowers are a great choice for your fall wedding, as they add volume to your centerpieces. These compact hybrids are known by different names including Love-Lies-Bleeding, Opopeo, and Caudatus. The flowers appear from July to October, and they complement more traditional summer flower arrangements. This versatile flower is a great choice for rustic or woodland weddings.

Amaranthus flowers are available year-round. Fresh cut upright and hanging amaranthus will last at least three days. While they are delicate, they may need some extra support for their long stems when used in bouquets. Make sure to consult a florist for tips on how to care for them properly. For best results, arrange the flowers in groups of three to five stems. The flowers will last up to five days in the vase.

When planting amaranthus flowers, remember that they do not do well in extreme weather conditions. To maintain their freshness and beauty, keep them indoors until they are ready to be used. If the weather gets extremely cold, you may want to add some floral preservative to your water. When working with the flowers, remember to avoid getting them wet. The blooms will wilt if they get too wet.

Juliet roses

If you’re looking for fall flowers for your wedding, consider using the Juliet rose, one of the most popular varieties of rose. With its deep red color and velvety petals, this rose will add delicate texture and elegance to your arrangements. As with other roses, this variety symbolizes deep love. You can also use the classic Juliet rose, which has a beautiful apricot heart that ombres into a pale peach hue. Its petals are full and ruffled, adding a timeless look to your arrangements.

The Juliet rose works well in a classic peach-colored wedding bouquet, as well as in a large stone urn styled with fluffy ivory flowers and touches of green foliage. While it can be used in any style, it works especially well with the David Austin sisters. These blooms create a lovely cloud of blooms and work well with the Scandi style. They pair beautifully with succulents, thlaspi green bell, and other fall-themed florals.

Choose a bridal bouquet in a fall-colored hue with blush-colored flowers. A bridal bouquet in blush-colored hues will be soft and romantic, and will look lovely with blush-colored jewelry. Brides who are planning an autumn-themed wedding might consider using red and gold roses, as well as dusty miller, mini calla lilies, and white ranunculus. These beautiful flowers are also great for fall weddings.

Pincushion Protea

When you’re planning a fall wedding, consider using pincushion protea, also known as blushing bride, to create a striking bouquet. These flowers come in a variety of colors and textures, and are perfect for weddings, as they are not only beautiful but also functional. They grow naturally in Australia and South Africa and are also grown commercially in Hawaii. They’re in season throughout the fall and early spring.

A fall wedding is the perfect time for these beautiful flowers, which feature pistils that are either red or orange with yellow tips. Pincushion Protea flowers also make a great accent flower in an arch, centerpiece, or hanging installation. Heather flowers add a romantic feeling to a waterfall bouquet. In addition to their beautiful fall colors, they have a deep history in history, dating back to Roman times.

The most common variety of protea is the king, with its long, spiky spikes. King protea is the largest variety of this flower and comes in white, green, pink, and red. The smaller, pincushion Protea makes a beautiful boutonniere or corsage, and paired with other flowers, such as lilies and roses, can add elegance and flair to your wedding.


If you want a fall-themed wedding with a lovely, enchanting scent, you can use Heather flowers. Heather is a fragrant, colorful flower native to Europe, Turkey, and South Africa. It has a delicate scent and makes an excellent filler flower in garden designs. Heather’s varying shades include white, pink, purple, and red. Heather is an excellent choice for wedding flower arrangements. Here are some tips to consider when choosing Heather flowers for your wedding.

When planning your bouquet, you should try to find an arrangement that works well for autumnal colors. Heather’s wedding is in October, and her reception is at the historic Wyndham Mining Exchange, which is a beautiful, elegant location. The colors of the flowers incorporated orchids and foliage for an elegant fall look. She also chose bridesmaid bouquets made from white pumpkins and succulents to contrast with her purple gown.

A bouquet made from seasonal fillers like clematis and honeysuckle is a classic choice. Heathers also look gorgeous in bouquets with minimal florals. For Charlotte’s wedding, Colby West Design used blush pink dahlias in an autumnal bouquet. The bouquet was tied together by Farmhand Flowers and Brrch. In the bride’s bouquet, she added a small touch of blush pink dahlias.

Spray roses

If you’re looking for beautiful spray roses for a fall wedding, there are plenty of options. They are versatile enough to work for almost any style, and will make any arrangement look spectacular. The colors in fall are also ideal for use in bouquets, and they can add a touch of whimsy to any arrangement. If you’re considering a garden party theme, burgundy spray roses can be the perfect choice. They are also great for adding height to arrangements. You can also add burgundy lisianthus flower buds and brown lisianthus to the bouquet. A boutonniere is another perfect way to add color to the groom’s outfit.

Bright magenta and fuchsia roses may feel more indicative of the summer, but they can also work for a fall wedding. In addition to roses, you can include other autumn-inspired flowers such as ranunculus. These flowers are popular for their long blooms and colorful foliage. They are also one of the most durable and colorful flowers available, making them a popular choice for weddings.

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